Changed passwords work only once, 1Password login causes error message 'wrong password"

I am not much of a whizkid and cannot get my changed passwords stored.I purchased 1Password 2 years ago but use it as kind of a bookmark list only.
Being concerned that I cannot access my bank accounts/ credit card/stock account anymore after login 3 times with a wrong password.
Here is what I did so far:

1) I am receiving a new password from the bank: (nHfH9ed4+7A and the link to the login site and I have access to my bankaccount until logging out.
2) A pop up window requires to change the password. I copy paste the current password in the field for old password, the bank requires a 10 digit password which I generate with the 1 PW-generator.Pressing the 'fill' button is filling both fields and I confirm finally.
3)1PW asking if I want to save the new login. I reply 'Y' and assume the new password is saved.I am at this moment still logged in to my bankaccount.The mobile version of the bank account uses the same password of course and is working perfectly.
4)Now it is going wrong. When I log out and try to login with 1Password I get the message 'wrong password" yet the mobile version still gets access to the account.After 3 wrong logins on the Mac the mobile account is blocked too.
I have followed the procedure in the manual but it cannot get it working.
I am using Firefox 42.0 with the downloaded extension 4.4.3 and a Main password. I was running ' Clean my Mac 3' prior to my last attempt.
HELP. I would like to use 1PW like everybody else.
Thanks in advance
Hans Pamer

1Password Version: 1Password 5 Version 5.4.1 (541003) Agile Webwinkel
Extension Version: 4.4.3
OS Version: OS X 10.11.2
Sync Type: iCloud


  • The password problem mentioned above seems to be solved.
    New problem: I don't know exactly what I have done to achieve this.
    When I copy/paste the saved password into the login field of the bank I get access.
    When I hit the 1PW button I got the error message, for now it is working with 1PW button too.

  • Sorry folks! Same problem again. Had to request 3 times a new PW from the bank, login ok, change PW and confirm to the bank ok,log out and try to log in again with the new saved PW results in the error message " wrong password".

  • Setting up a manual login finally worked.Problem solved!

  • Greetings @stammos,

    I apologise we didn't reach your request until now. That's my fault, I got lost in tunnel vision with some issues we've been having recently with Firefox. That isn't an excuse for leaving our customers waiting though :(

    It's hard to say what precisely happened. We know many banks employ a lot of crazy schemes in the name of security that can affect 1Password but if saving a new Login item manually worked then that would suggest it wasn't any of those. To better understand we would probably need to go through the process of changing the password again and watch what happens in various fields. Of course you may simply be happy that you've resolved it with a new Login item and just want to put this episode behind you. If you want to get to the bottom of this then I too would be curious to understand why updating a password hasn't worked and will happily converse with you.

    Obviously it's good to hear that you have a working Login item but I am sorry you had such a fight to get it working.

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