Anyone had any luck getting Knox working with Vagrant and NFS?

I use knox to secure certain elements on a development project. I use vagrant from Hashicorp to set up a vm enviroment with a linux guest vm from my Mac host environment.

Now, when I use the standard guest sharing mechanism in vagrant, everything works fine, and I can see my volume from both the host and the guest, but when I try to switch to NFS for the performance benefits, nfs doesnt seem to be able to read the files in the mounted volumes, and in the guest OS, the directories are blank.

Anyone encountered this issue before, or know any work arounds? Its known that nfs has issues occasionally with encrypted filesystems, but I dont see any error messages indicating that this is the problem



  • Andrew_AGAndrew_AG

    Team Member

    I haven't tried this, so I can't give much feedback, but hopefully one of our other users will have some ideas.

    That said, if you're on El Capitan, we do have problem with encrypted external drives in Knox in that version of OS X, so there's a chance it's related to that.

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