safari does not fill out my eBay account, or if i use copy and paste 1PW recognize it.

Since a few days, maybe since the the new design, safari does not fill out my eBay account, or if I use "copy and paste" 1PW does not recognize my login data

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  • With firefox 1PW works with eBay

  • @bg2008 I think it's going to be helpful to have more information. Please tell us:


  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @bg2008,

    As Stephen mentioned, we'll need to know some more details about your setup to figure out what's going wrong and how to fix it. In addition to the details he asked for, can you also please elaborate on exactly what happens when trying to sign into in Safari? Do you open the 1Password extension in Safari and choose your eBay Login item? If so, does 1Password fill your username & password on the eBay login form? Does eBay give you an error when it does that?

    It also sounds like you're saying you can't sign into eBay when you copy & paste your username & password from 1Password into Is that correct, or did I misunderstand? If copying & pasting your login credentials doesn't work, that usually indicates that the username or password in the Login item in 1Password is incorrect. What happens if you try to manually type your username and password?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi, I' from Germany. Sorry but my english is not the best.
    I use Yosemite. If I try to sign in on and 1PW is opend, I can choose the 1PW item. But 1PW does not fill out my username and password. Also there is no error given. just nothing happens.
    For example. If I fill out a new Login on an website, 1PW recognize a new Login and ask whether 1PW is sait to accept the new Login.
    But on the new desigend ebay-website 1 PW does not ask me, when I fill out my username & password by hand.

  • Hello my friends
    I don`t know why, but today it works fine again.
    Thank you for your help and Merry Christmas

  • Greetings @bg2008,

    It is strange that it just started working but it is good news. Please watch it carefully though and if it starts not filling again please let us know :smile:

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