Just purchased Knox and used a generated 1 Password pw. Now I'm locked out of all my files.

Usually when I use the password generator - it saves the PW in the 1Password keychain.. I created a new Vault using Knox and clicked the little key icon next to the text box to generate a Pw. I dragged all my personal files to the new vault and unmounted it. Now looking back it looks as though 1 Password never recorded the generated PW. This is very discouraging as I paid for all this software to protect my personal files and now I can't even access them - potentially lost them forever.

Am I screwed here?

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  • Is there potentially a way to look at previously generated passwords?

  • @kaatmaca - Every password that is generated and not converted to a Login record is saved I the Passowrds category. Look there, and I think you'll find what your are looking for.

  • I checked there first - not there. :(

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    I created a new Vault using Knox and clicked the little key icon next to the text box to generate a Pw.

    I think that is the problem. The key next to the password field there is not 1Password. It's part of OS X.

    The password would be saved in your OS X Keychain if you selected the "Store this password in your Keychain" option directly under the password fields.

    Passwords stored in the OS X Keychain can be accessed in the Keychain Access app found in your Utilities folder (which is inside your Applications folder).

    Try searching Keychain Access for the name of your vault.

    If you did not select that option and did not record the password anywhere else, then the vault would indeed be inaccessible unfortunately.

    I hope that is not the case. I hope you saved the password somewhere, so you can still access the files.

    Please let me know!

  • Thank you so much for the thorough reply. I unfortunately unchecked the box because I didn't want the folder to be easily excisable. Well I guess I'm out of luck :(

    Thanks anyways.

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    I'm sorry to hear that. I'm glad that khad was able to shed some light on things so that hopefully you don't run into this issue again at least. :(

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    This is indeed a pitfall especially for the novice user, but maybe also for normal users, when you’re in a hurry or are otherwise temporarily mentally handicapped.

    Why not integrate Knox with 1PW?

    Knox itself offers very little, considering that you can easily create an encrypted image with just OS means.

    Integrated with 1PW, for example as a menu item, once the user selects it you ask for a password, as usual with the same interface as for other passwords, you store the password and lead the user to the disk creation process, where the password will be filled in, of course. At that point already nothing can be lost anymore, the password is in 1PW’s database.

    Offer this as an IAP, at least 1$ less than the current Knox price, and I’m sure you’ll sell 4 times more Knoxes than you do currently. And – big advantage – you got rid of that annoying stepchild, it’ll be part of the product. As far as I can tell, integration won’t be complicated.

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    This is something that we would like to do someday. Right now, however, our developer focus is almost entirely on the 1Password for Teams beta, and will be for the next while, so further Knox development is not really happening at this time. Perhaps someday in the future though.

  • I understand what you are saying. But integrating Knox into the “mother” app would be a relatively effortless task, compared to the whole Teams thing. So why not pushing it?

    (I mean pushing Knox integration will cost you maybe 1 week of regular development (=1PW for teams); on the other hand, not pushing Knox integration means that Knox integration will arrive only after Team has been finished (=many weeks). Pushing Knox integration means just a delay for Teams of 1 week. Acceptable, no? (Better than a delay of various weeks for Knox integration, no?)

    Well, that’s always the same story of minor (quick) tasks vs long-going tasks. I’m sure you get your GTD done and make the right decision ;)


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    You make it sound so easy. :) It is not as "effortless" as you think. ;)

    Thanks again for letting us know it is important to you, though!

    Right now our focus is on 1Password for Teams.

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    No, OK, I know it’s not effortless. I wanted to say it’s effortless compared, and relatively, to the Team thingy project. I’m sure you agree ;)

    Edited 2015-12-18: added the clause “and relatively”

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    And, let me add: It’s not important to me. I’m not using Knox. But Knox is a great thing: Easy Creation of encrypted dmgs for everybody. I don’t get why you keep this nice thing out of 1PW.

    OK, that has been already mentioned, so… I have no more to say :)

  • Sorry for my poor grammar in the last post. Tired …

  • We do appreciate your thoughts @mot! We've been getting lots of great feedback on 1Password for Teams and we have lots of future plans based on user feedback like yours :)

    Now, go and get some rest - enjoy your weekend!

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