1password extension no longer opening a webpage

Using the 1password extension in Firefox I can no longer do a search and click on the name of the login to open and fill it in. Nothing happens. I have to select the login and wait until the window pops up giving me all of the details of the saved login and then I click on the website portion of that and will be open and fill. It works fine on Safari. This just started a few days ago so today I downloaded the new version of Firefox and still have the problem. I'm running the current 1password extension. Annoying. What gives?

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  • Greetings @Devotee,

    Can you tell us a bit more about your setup please. The following will help us identify the cause.

    1. What version of 1Password are you running?
    2. What version of Firefox are you running?
    3. What version of the 1Password extension is installed?
    1. 1Password version 4.4.3
    2. Firefox 43.01 (I was having trouble on the version right before this as well but upgraded in case it would fix it but it didn't)
    3. 1Password extension 4.5.1

    (I can't upgrade any further on 1Password on my Macbook Pro because because it's too old to and can't afford a new one at this time.)

  • Hi @Devotee,

    We released version 4.5.1 of the 1Password Browser Extension late last night and I'm hoping it improves the situation. There was a bug in version 4.5.0 that affected 1Password 4 for Mac users and this is a hotfix that I'm hopeful allows open and fill from inside 1Password mini again.

    Do you find this to be the case? You would need to test again as version 4.5.1 wasn't available to you when you first posted or even when I replied (it came a little later in the day).

  • It auto-updated and that did the trick. It works like its old self. How much do I love Agilebits? Let me add this as another item on the list.

  • I'm glad we could impress @Devotee :smile:

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