Can't add credit card information to Google AdWords


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  • Hi @David_Brooks,

    I've never used AdWords before so can I just clarify. You're making your way through the stages of the process at and when it comes time to fill in the form for your payment details you've brought up 1Password mini, selected your card and then nothing happens - literally no field fills and at a guess 1Password mini closes like it believes it has finished it's part. Does that sound about right?

  • Yes. There's a place where they ask you to complete your credit card information (address, then card number). Unfortunately NOTHING populates. I had to revert to LastPass to complete the transaction. LastPass fills in the information on request.

  • Hi @David_Brooks,

    As somebody totally ignorant to Google Adwords, do you know if it is possible using a generic Google account that I could reach their payment page to test? You will be much more knowledgeable of their setup to even hazard a guess. If it's possible for me to reach their payment page without committing myself to vast expenditures or contracts then I will go exploring.

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