I'm applying to a lot of jobs and would like 1P to autofill my linkedin and github profiles.

I'm applying to a bunch of jobs and using the identity feature to autofill details. A lot of application sites (powered by Lever, Greenhouse, etc) request linked in, github, and portfolio URLs. I've added these fields to my identity profile (using the exact label-feilds used by the websites) but 1Password never autofills these fields correctly.

1Password Version: 4.4
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.11.1
Sync Type: Not Provided
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    Hi @azarkon,

    To make sure I understand - do you mean you added custom fields for that information in your Identity item? If so, the problem is that the 1Password extension doesn't support filling custom fields. It will only be able to fill the original/default fields in an Identity item.

    I'm sorry for any confusion about that! To fill a web form with data from custom fields in an Identity item, you'll need to copy & paste from those custom fields in 1Password to the website (you can simply click on a custom field to copy it). That works in the main app as well as 1Password mini / browser extension.

    If you have more questions about that (or if I misunderstood the problem), please let us know! :)

  • Ok. That's a bummer. It would be nice to add social profile urls / portfolio sites to the supported field. I do have a related problem that on Lever based sites when I enter my identity from 1P: the "profile url" field is populated with my city, "brooklyn".

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    Could you provide some more details about that, @azarkon? I'm not familiar with Lever. I'm moving this to the Saving and Filling in Browsers category, so we can best assist you. Please let us know the URL so we can take a closer look.

  • here's an example form from Lever and a screenshot of what it looks like after I fill it with my identity. Note the "Profile URL" being filled with "Brooklyn"


  • Hello @azarkon,

    I've got a thought but genuinely no idea how this will pan out. It's going to be a try and see type thing. Our Credit Card and Identity items are based on a lot of rules which quantify rules of thumb. They have to as people expect their Credit Card and Identity items to work on any site. Login items on the other hand are about filling in a very specific page on a single site. There isn't anything that says a Login item is only for a Login page though.

    So what I'm wondering is what happens if you fill in all the fields for an application, including all the ones to do with social networking links and whatnot and before you attach your CV you try saving the form using our How to manually save a Login guide. You would then need to edit this item from inside the main 1Password window and set the now visible option titled submit from its default setting of Submit when enabled to Never submit.

    Now, the next time you need to fill in the form what happens if you attempt to fill in using this Login item?

    If this works it will only work on this site and it isn't guaranteed it will work. There is a chance though you can repurpose the Login item to be a specialised form filler if you find yourself filling this form a number of times.

    The reason I suggest this is because if it works it can help you now with the automation rather than as a possible improvement at some point to 1Password down the line.

    I would love to know how you get along and if it helps at all :smile:

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