Can I have multiple 1password.agilekeychains on a singe drop box account?

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I currently have my Mac and Ipad 1password using DropBox, Now my wife would like to use her OLD macbook pro and Ipad to use dropbox as well. We would perfer to use only one drop box account between the both of us for file syncing and data backup.

Is it possible to have a second keychain on a given drop box account? If the answer is yes, Can you send me the instructions on how to get the second keychain to work. Whats the trick.

Can I have version 3.8.22 use the same key chain as a ipad running 6.1.2?

the ipad is running 6.1.2



1Password Version: 3.8.22
Extension Version:
OS Version: OSX 10.6.8
Sync Type: dropbox
Referrer: kb:sync-options


  • Hello @ZUE144,

    So the one bit I can definitely reassure you of is that we haven't altered the Agile Keychain format since we created the file format in 1Password 3. All copies of 1Password right up to the latest and greatest can all read the Agile Keychain.

    Now in the past 1Password 3 would always store the Agile Keychain directly in the root of your Dropbox folder if you said move to Dropbox. That would preclude two vaults but I don't think it's that cut and dry. The reason is you can move a vault anywhere you like so why not into a subfolder in Dropbox?

    Here is what I would do.

    1. In Dropbox create a folder titled 1Password and in there create two subfolders, one for you and one for your wife.
    2. Launch 1Password 3 and enter 1Password's preferences.
    3. In the General tab you will see a path to your current 1Password.agilekeychain and two buttons below it. Ignore the buttons and right click where it says 1Password.agilekeychain. A small contextual menu will open up with three options.
    4. Select the Move Data File To Another Folder... option and select the correct subfolder. This will move this Agile Keychain.
    5. Perform steps 2-4 on the other Mac using the other subfolder.

    You should now have two 1Password Agile Keychains in a single Dropbox folder. They will both have the same name but the folder structure will identify which is which. When setting up 1Password for iOS you will be able to identify which is which by the file path and 1Password always asks which to use.

    That should allow you to use just one Dropbox folder with two completely separate copies of 1Password :smile:

    If you have any questions or issues please do ask.

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