Is the App Store version offering Teams yet?

I'm using the Agilebits version to utilize teams. Is Teams available in Mac version yet? Is there any reason to switch back?

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  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @cesaralopez,

    Thanks for asking! The Mac App Store version of 1Password doesn't currently support the 1Password for Teams beta, so you'll need to continue using the latest beta of the AgileBits Store version.

    If you're using 1Password for Teams, I can't really think of any major advantage to switching back to the Mac App Store version. Is there a reason you'd like to do that? Or were you just curious?

  • Just curious. I like the idea of automatic updates and the ability to use iCloud in case I ever want to do that. But for now, Beta is fine.

  • Jeff ShinerJeff Shiner AgileBits Admin

    Team Member

    The Mac App Store version supporting 1Password for Teams should be coming in the not too distant future :)

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