Feature Request: Show username (or popout automatically) in list of accounts for current website

So here's my use case: I do this every day, multiple times a day: I hit "Command-backspace" to open up my 1password menu when I'm browsing. Still on my keyboard, I hit the "down" arrow to scroll through the multiple items I have for many sites.

One major frustration:

  1. all the different usernames I have look the same. There's no way for me to know which item refers to which login (unless I manually rename all of them)

Here's a screenshot demonstrating the issue: https://www.evernote.com/l/AKbrc1tiALVFGZ80zBvvnB7-8UtKvrFGB3s

The popout doesn't appear until I physically mouseover the item or click the right-arrow on my keyboard. I think it should show up automatically.

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  • Hello @ibnirshad,

    I've added your vote to an existing feature request to see this happen. You're not alone in wanting to see extra information in 1Password mini and I find myself doing this a lot too (the using the arrow keys to see which is which). Hopefully we can do something about this :smile:

    ref: OPM-1700

  • Just try to remember how much real estate is available on a 13" notebook. Maybe make it optional.

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Thanks, we'll certainly keep it in mind! Many of the fine folks here also use 13" MacBooks, so I'm sure our developers will do their best to keep this from becoming a real estate problem. :)

  • Thanks for the response and acknowledgement. Is there any update planned date for this? I still find myself manually editing many entries in order to make the username visible from the 1password mini menu.

  • Hi @ibnirshad,

    There isn't but we do know it's something we need to address with the release of the All Vaults view to everybody. I had hoped we'd be able to squeeze it into the first release of 1Password 6 for Mac but we ran out of time. I hope it's soon :smile: I've nudged the developers just to remind them this will be very useful given All Vaults.

  • So this was somewhat fixed. It now shows for items with the same name but with "All Vaults" I think there is still a problem. One would be you think you created an account for user X but when I hit enter and fill the fields you find that it was actually user Y's info. This will only get worse as I share logins with other people. For work I have accounts at way too many things to keep track of (around 2000 work/personal) so I don't always remember what user has an account created and where and which one needs to be created.

    I personally have ran into this a bunch of times in the past week since the beta

    Plus I really don't see any benefit to not including it

  • jxpx777jxpx777 Code Wrangler 1Password Alumni

    @tommyent I'm not sure I understand your scenario correctly. I just tested this out in All Vaults and I do see that across a variety of Teams, Families, and standalone vaults I get the usernames properly matched up with their logins. For instance, I searched for WordPress and found a WordPress login I manage for a client in my freelance Team, a login I manage for my brother-in-law in a standalone vault, and my personal WordPress login in my Families personal vault. All of them listed the username properly next to the title. But if something is behaving differently for you, we need to find and fix any bugs post haste. Let us know!

  • @jxpx777
    It only works if there is more than one login named the same thing. My issue is the user should appear for all of them.

    Ok so say I navigate to discussions.agilebits.com I hit my keyboard shortcut up pops 1Password with the login (item name only) I hit enter only to find out that years ago I actually set up the account for client and not myself. I now have to logout navigate back to that page and create an account.

  • Someone from 1Password pointed out it shows username on iOS and it does show on Android so it looks like it's just the desktop :(
    Is there a reason to not show it?

  • jxpx777jxpx777 Code Wrangler 1Password Alumni

    Hey, @tommyent. Thanks for your persistence. I hadn't noticed that inconsistency between iOS and Mac until you pointed it out. We have some ideas for how to improve 1Password mini, and I'm opening a ticket to make sure we track this for discussion on any future updates. I can't offer a timeframe, but I do want you to know it's on our list.

    ref: OPM-3854

  • @jxpx777 thanks for following up. Right now on the Mac this does exist it's just that there's a condition in there that if the title name is a duplicate then return the title and the username. All I'm suggesting is that the title and username is returned regardless basically just removing the condition will fix it.

  • jxpx777jxpx777 Code Wrangler 1Password Alumni

    Definitely understood, @tommyent. Thanks for your feedback.

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