Will AgileBits sign a HIPAA-required Business Associate Agreement with my medical practice?

Hello. I would like to use 1Password for teams within my medical practice, but in order to be in compliance with regulations under the HIPAA act, I would need AgileBits to sign a business associate agreement. Given your privacy policy and security infrastructure, I believe this process would entail no commitment on your company's part other than to formalize our existing business/customer relationship, in the form of a signed BAA. Please advise, and many thanks in any case for a great product.

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    Thanks for the great question, @ocanosa, and thank you for the kind words about 1Password!

    1Password for Teams is HIPAA compliant (we'll be updating our site to state this once we cross a few t's and dot a few i's) so I suspect we'd be happy to sign your Business Associate Agreement. I'd like to see it first before I promise to sign it though :)

    Please email us at [email protected] with this question along with your BAA and we'll take a look.


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    Greetings -

    We have updated our support articles to include the executive summary from our new HIPAA compliance article. You may find the new article here --


    Please email us at [email protected] along with any HIPAA and BAA questions you might have and we'll take a look!

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