Version 1.0.BETA-24 Published! Full Changelog Here

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We have an early Christmas present for you today! Version 1.0 beta 24 was just published. At my family we always opened one present on Christmas Eve, but we couldn't help ourselves and included multiple presents within this release. Enjoy! :)

[IMPROVED] Now showing a better message to users when their Team Signup link expires.
[IMPROVED] Users who created their team before December 3rd who try to use Safari will be shown a message that they need to use Chrome or Firefox. We're still working on a migration to allow everyone to use Safari. {710}
[IMPROVED] The Get the Apps page now highlights that the native 1Password apps are free for those subscribed to 1Password for Teams. {679}
[IMPROVED] Better error page shown to users attempting to join a team using an email that already exists. {776}
[FIXED] No longer allowing users to signup with names that consist of only whitespace. {843}
[FIXED] Resolved a "Failed to load vault" error that could happen in some older browsers.
[FIXED] Server is more accepting of larger items (within reason). {850}
[FIXED] Vault switcher is now scrollable when height is too big for screen. {845}

As always, we'd love to hear from you so please let us know where else we can improve and what new things you'd like to see.


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