Accidentally made team account admin to wrong email address. Can't link to existing personal account

I'm a long time 1Password user and just signed up to use 1Password for Teams. When I signed up, I created a new account with one of my company's admin email addresses ([email protected]**********.com) when I actually should have set it up using email address which is tied to my existing single user account ([email protected]**********.com). I couldn't find a way to change the email address associated with the main user, and when I invited my personal email address to the new Team account, it didn't seem to tie my existing vault in. It's almost like a new Team account with an idential email address to my personal account.

Is there anyway to start over and use my long standing personal account as the main address associated with my team, and tie my existing vault to the team?

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    Hello @timcro,

    Thank you for being with us all these years, and thank you for your interest in our newest addition to the family :)

    Normally you would be able to edit your email address from your profile page. You would click the team menu (located in the top right-hand corner) and select My Profile. Then from there you would click the pencil icon beside your email address:

    While this is normally how you would do it, I found your account and see that you have already deleted your [email protected]**********.com user, so you're unable to change that user now as they're gone. Your other user looks correct, however. This use has full ability (i.e. Owner, Recovery, and Admin roles) so he's basically identical to the deleted user, just with the correct email address :)

    It sounds like everything is setup just fine for you but you need to finish the last step: copy (or move) your items from your personal vaults into 1Password for Teams vaults. You can see this article for details on how to do this:

    Moving data from a personal vault to a Team vault

    Please give that a go and let us know how it turns out. If you reply quick I should be able to answer before the Christmas turkey dinner coma sets in :)

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