Can't log in to 1Password Teams

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Hey guys!

I can't seem to log into 1Password for Teams. My url is -snip-. Whenever I try to log in, I see this screen:

When I type in my username and password, nothing changes (the submit button is still disabled).

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And I'm not sure what the "Account Key" is supposed to be, but if I type things in the box it still says disabled, too. Nothing seems to enable it for me to log in.

Am I missing something here?


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1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.10.5 (on Chrome Version 48.0.2564.48 beta)
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Dru89Dru89
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    whelp! There's my email address for everyone to see. I guess I didn't realize this was public. :smile:

    Oh well!

    Edit: Thanks for removing it, guys!

  • thightowerthightower T-Dog Agile's Mascot
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    The key would be issued to you when you signed up. If you printed out on the emergency kit, its included on that print out. Its a string of characters that is used as an additional layer of authentication.The submit button would be disabled until you put in that key.

    You can also find the key in the Mac and iOS apps. Both are betas, as to the iOS app you may or may not be part of the beta team. So that option may not apply.

    Look at the teams sync tab (Mac). The 1Password app will need to be unlocked to display it. On iOS there is a section you need to tap to reveal the key.

    Going out on a limb here, I would assume if you don't have access to that key from the above, then you would need to ask another admin of your team. To begin account recovery.

    Once you regain access. I would take a moment to setup a second admin account for recovery situations to be on the safe side.

    That failing I would send an email to [email protected] with a link to this discussion. I am not sure what of anything can be done in such situations. Only the staff can answer that.

    I have also removed your vanity URL better to keep it off the main airwaves so to speak. :)

  • That was perfect, thanks! It turns out I had saved the emergency kit, but I hadn't printed it yet. So I've done that now and saved everything.

    Thank you so much! That was exactly what I needed!

  • Dru89Dru89
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    I suppose my final questions really here would be could I (and should I) use 1Password Teams for all of my new passwords now (since it has a personal vault)? And to that end, should I just move all the ones in my Primary Vault there? (Can I actually just remove the Primary Vault?)

    And if I moved, I'd have to be in the 1Password for iOS/Windows betas in order to have access to the data there, I'd imagine, too?

  • thightowerthightower T-Dog Agile's Mascot
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    As for me, I am using the teams build for my entire family. I moved all our vaults into teams, by using the "copy" option from within the Mac app. I kept the original vault entries till I could give a good inspection to make sure all data moved over.

    One of the latest Mac betas enabled you to start clean with no primary vault. I don't know if you can remove the Primary after setting it up. I would expect no. My preferences don't appear to provide that option.

    I think the iOS version is making it closer to an entrance into the app store approval process. Having said that I have no inside knowledge. Apple takes their own time reviewing and it could even be delayed prior to submission, if a issue is found. Its the waiting game, same as usual. :(

    You are always welcome to sign up for the iOS betas, I do not know the status on accepting new users. The last I saw was follow @ 1Passwordbeta on twitter for the next chances of joining the iOS beta team. This is slightly dated info however. Maybe, when one of the staff drop in they can chime in.

    The Windows app from my understanding is not quite ready for teams. I don't use Windows and only recall a brief mention in passing. So one of the staff will need to comment on that, for sure. You may be able to accomplish all your goals through a browser, however.

    At any rate look for more guidance from one of those paid people. They just let me in here to break all the toys... if I can. :chuffed: Just like a good beta tester.

    Edit: Looks like I am on the beta a little too much, :P I forget when an item is stable and includes things like teams vs still in beta as Dave pointed out. Thats one advantage of TestFlight. I never ever remember when its a release. Oops don't shoot me. Oh my!

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    Hello @Dru89,

    Your idea to move all your items from your Primary, locally managed vault to your 1Password for Teams vaults is a good one. I did something similar last month. The only caveat is you need to use the beta versions of 1Password on all your platforms. iOS is the one exception as the official release contains support for Teams already.

    Since the Windows and Mac apps are still in beta, you may want to take a small baby step instead. What you can do is instead of moving your data to the new vault, you can copy it instead. That's actually exactly what I did as I still need my personal, self managed vaults for testing user issues reported in the forums here. I then removed my Primary vault from the All Vaults view so only those items from within my Team vaults appear. This could be useful to you as well, just incase you need to switch back to the non-beta version for any reason.

    I hope this helps. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with. Oh, and have yourself a super awesome New Year! :)

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