had to reinstall 1 password, how do I retrieve my files?

I had to delete and reinstall 1 password from my IPad. How do I retrieve my original logins etc?

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  • @kacooks - There are a couple of things that aren't clear from your post. You have posted in the Mac section of the forum, not the iOS section, but your question suggests that you might have the Mac application running too. Is that correct? If it is, the answer to your question about retrieving your data should be straightforward. So let us know about that.

    If you don't have the Mac version, then tell us whether you back up your iPad to iCloud or iTunes. Or have you ever started up syncing of your 1Password data to iCloud or Dropbox. Have you made backups of your 1Password data to iTunes as described in this article?

    I hope that one of those answers is Yes. When any application is deleted from an iOS device, all of its associated data also get deleted. The only way to get them back would be to restore from some kind of backup.

  • It is an IOS version on the iPad and a full iPad backup was performed prior to resetting the device.

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    @kacooks - Then I will move this discussion to the iOS section of the forum.

    If you haven't done anything specific to back up your 1Password data, and you have only a full iPad backup, you will need to restore your entire iPad from that backup you made before resetting it. Your data should come back with that restore. Some users have found that Apple's restore is a bit unreliable in returning 1Password data. You might have to restore a second time to get your data back.

    Once you have restored the iPad, then make a backup of the 1Password data, using the directions I gave in the article link in my last post. Then reset your iPad again. Once you have downloaded a fresh copy of 1Password to the reset device, the direction in that article tell you how to retrieve your data.

  • I was able to restore it. Thank you! However, there is no file sharing section in iTunes so I am unable to complete the backup per your instructions. Any other suggestions! Perhaps for a more recent version of iTunes?

  • Found it, please disregard previous post

  • @kacooks - Does this mean that you have recovered your data? I hope so! Be sure to make regular backups from now on.

  • Yes and I already did the backup. Thanks so much!

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    Excellent! Thanks for the update. And thanks for the assist, hawkmoth. :)

    If we can be of further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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