These instructions do not line up with the app on my iPhone or my Mac

I am trying to use the wifi sync. I have an older version of the 1Password (Version 3.6.5) on my phone with all of my information. I'm trying to create a backup of those passwords on my Mac so that I can then transfer them to the new version of the app.

I tried using the option in the new app (Version 4) to import from a previous version of the app. Version 4 says "Open 1Password 3 and a message will appear asking if you want to move your items to version 4." Then I click the "Open Password 3" prompt, but no message appears in version 3 for exporting to new version.

So then I looked into the wifi sync to backup to my Mac, to then use that backup to sync with the new app. I just spent $32 on the Mac app, and followed the setup instructions to create a vault. Then in the preferences, it prompted me to open the app on my phone and enter the "secret." When I open the old app on my phone and go to wifi sync in the settings, it gives me 2 "secrets" to enter on the Mac. SO both my iPhone and Mac are giving me a secret to enter on the other device, and neither has an option to enter the secret from the other.

As a side note, I also tried going the Dropbox route, but the old app on my iPhone would not connect to my Dropbox account, even after verifying that my account information was entered correctly. It just won't connect to my Dropbox account, so that is not an option. And I'm guessing because it's an older app, backing up to iCloud is just not even an option listed on the old iPhone app either.

So here I am, really trying to avoid just writing down everything in the old app and individually re-entering them into the new app.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @jdmiler3rd,

    The instructions available on our website are, unless stated, for the current version of 1Password. That would explain why what you see in 1Password 3 does not line up with the guide.

    1Password 3 for iOS was retired in 2012 and at this point can only sync over WiFi and only with 1Password 3 for Mac (not newer versions), so we'll definitely want to get you updated to the latest versions of each product. For iOS, please try following the second half of the iOS upgrade guide:

    How do I upgrade from 1Password 3 on iOS?

    I hope that helps! Please let us know how it turns out.


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