I cannot get past star up part 1.2 in startup guide

I just downloaded 1 Password .onto my MacBook Pro . Started set up . Got through section 1.2 ok . Started 1.3 . Indicated i was new to iPassword . I cannot remember and stage 1.3 items in your set up guide being shown on my laptop .
It then took me to entering info for logins etc but i cannot see what to do here ? See attachment .

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  • I have gone to section 1.5 on how to enter logins but getting no prompts from 1Password . I use Firefox . I have disabled Firefox automatic form filling of security passwords etc as suggested .

  • On the set up i was asked this

  • but next stage on start up section 3 shows this

  • i was not given this in my start up . How do i get to this page manually ?

  • i have waited for an hour and no response from Agilebits
    not VERY impressive !!

    i think i wasted my money

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    Agilbits doesn't have people standing by all hours of the day and night. Most of the staff are located in the US and Canada, with a small sprinkling elsewhere. They are a relatively small company. You will find moderators and other users answering question here as well.
    Often times though the wait may be a few hours. Certainly one hour is not an overly long period of time. I can think of many large corporations with a minimum of a 24 hour turn around period. The staff try to answer questions as soon as possible. They also work in reverse order from the oldest to the newest.

    Someone should be along soon as the sun is starting to rise on the east coast of the US. This last day of 2015.

    I will try and help you where I can. As to one of your issues above, saving logins. You must install the browser extension to interact with the browsers, and web pages. Have you done that ? https://support.1password.com/guides/mac/installing-extensions.html

    The support manual is not a literal one step after the other, sort of thing. Some users may not need specific steps, or may not use certain features. In regard to your post about where can your data be. That option would only show up if you had not selected I am a new user in the previous step.

    We (staff and volunteer mods) will try to answer the best we can. Sometimes it take's a bit of time to get to a posting, but you will see this place hoping during the day. Its also worth mentioning that your question may be awaiting someone whom knows specifics about a given situation.

    Feel free to ask away. with questions. I myself will be turing in for a few hours of sleep. Its 7AM and I pulled an all nighter. I will leave you in the capable hands of the staff and other mods.

    ps. You didn't waste your money. IMHO. I have been volunteering here for almost 8 years no maybe 9, I forget, as time flies. I do it for free so clearly there must be something to 1Password, as I am also a paying customer just like yourself.

    Welcome to the 1Password family. I am sure you'll enjoy it!

  • Hello thanks for the reply

    I'm really struggling
    There must be an easier way of getting help ?

    I have just started to try to set up my LOGINS .
    Do i have to do this manually for every account ? (Question 1)

    I have started with some simple ones but i am getting doubles of them ALL appearing . See below . I have deleted some of them because they seem to relate to the passwords / usernames before i downloaded 1 password ie before today . However this means in some situations , on some websites , i cannot login so have had to use my old passwords manually . The latest one i have tried to do is GALAXUS . I could send you more detail but this seems to be a public forum so not secure ? Why am i getting these doubles each time ? Question 2

    Yes i have downloaded the Firefox extension

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    Hi @andrewhogg,

    I'm sorry you're having a bit of difficulty getting started with 1Password! We're more than happy to help you out with that. I first wanted to explain that this is not a live chat, so you won't receive an immediate response. These support forums are more like "public email" than text messages or live chatrooms. We're here in the forums answering questions 7 days a week, and we do our best to get to every post just as soon as possible, but we generally work from the oldest post to the newest. Each time a new reply is added to a thread, the timestamp on the thread is updated, so your follow-up posts had the unfortunate side-effect of moving you further down the line.

    So, it looks like you're having some trouble with Login items. You said you're "getting doubles" of all your Login items, but in your latest screenshot, I only see 2 items that seem to be the same (Galaxus). Did you delete other duplicate items before taking that screenshot? It's ok if you did, I just want to be sure I understand the situation.

    Can you elaborate on how you're saving your Login items, and how you're attempting to use them? For example, the best way to save Logins is by signing into a website and allowing 1Password to save a new Login when it prompts you, as described here: Saving a Login

    Are you saving Login items the same way as in that section of the user guide? Or are you going to File > New Item > Login in the main 1Password app and then filling in your username, password, and website? Although it's possible to create Logins directly from the main app, it's almost always better to create them through the browser extension as explained in the user guide.

    You should be able to use your saved Login items to sign into websites by using one of the methods described here: Using a saved Login

    What happens when you try those methods? Is the problem that 1Password doesn't fill your login credentials (i.e. username and password) on websites? Or does it fill the sign-in forms, but the websites give you an error message? Or does something else happen? Is this a problem for just one/some of your websites/Logins, or for all of them? The more you can tell us about the exact steps you're taking and what happens when you do that, the better we'll be able to help get things working correctly. It will also help if you can let us know the following details:

    Thanks in advance! :)

  • I am running latest version of Mac OS 10.11.2 on my MacBook Pro
    I have App from App Store . Purchased yesterday .
    I am using latest version of Firefox 43.0.3
    I am using Password Ext shown in attachment
    I have not tried to sign into any new websites . I am just trying ( at this stage ) to use / set up 1Password on sites i already use .

  • The only reason that the only double you can see on the screenshot from yesterday is that i deleted the others (except Galaxus). It seems to give me the pre 1Password set up as well as the new 1Password set up as the 2 saved options . I have tried to delete the older set up so that the new 1Password set up is the one that works but the sites do not seem to recognise 1Password so i have to enter the OLD usernames and passwords manually .

    Please note Questions 1 as well as 2 on yesterdays post

  • I have used your link ie https://support.1password.com/guides/mac/using-a-saved-login.html
    I have gone to the website i want to log into . A site i already use and have an existing username and password for .
    I go through the set up as described . However once finished i check the username and password . The username is unchanged which is fine . However the password shown ( once i push reveal ) is the old password . Not a new " more complicated" new password . I can only assume that no new 1Password was generated and i am still using the old password ?
    I would send you some screenshots to more clearly explain my steps but clearly this is an open forum that anyone can read so i cannot do this .

  • Am i supposed to use this fill function . See attachment . I does not mention this in the link (shown in section 1.6)
    Is this how i change old password to the new password ie 1Password password

  • @andrewhogg the procedure you need to follow is very clearly set out in this excerpt from the user guide:

    Changing a saved password

    Don't despair—it all gets much easier as you get used to using 1Password. :) A little time glancing through relevant sections of the user guide will probably save a lot of stress but do please feel free to post back here if you still have problems.


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    @andrewhogg Looks like things are coming along. :) Did the guide that Stephen linked to help out with your question about changing an old password?

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