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hi, I have recently purchased 1password and have difficulties getting the full functionality of program. My screen does not match the images in the user guide. is there a help des phone? Thanks!


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    Hi @ooopudge,

    Sorry to hear you're having some difficulty getting started with 1Password! We don't have a help desk number at this time, as we're a relatively small and distributed team, but we're happy to help you here in the forums! We'll just need to know a bit more about your setup in order to provide useful information for you:

    • What version of Mac OS X are you running?
    • What version of 1Password did you install?
    • Which images in the user guide are not matching what you see on your computer (a link may be helpful here)? How exactly do they differ? What are you seeing? A screenshot would be very helpful.

    Thanks in advance for providing these extra details. We look forward to helping you get 1Password up and running! :)

  • ooopudgeooopudge
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    Thanks for note ,
    i believe i have attached the correct screen shots. I do not believe i have successfully downloaded the extender, does that change the way the screen looks.



    10.10.3 Osx Yosemite

  • JacobJacob

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    @ooopudge Thanks for the screenshots, however I removed them because there was personal info in them and this is a public forum. It looks like you're running some version of 1Password 5. Could you give us a few more details about the screenshot you saw in the user guide and what you think is missing? It looked pretty normal to me. :)

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