This completely sucks and smacks of fraudulent conduct. This attorney wants a refund.

I buy 1Password5 to make it work with my iCloud Devices. But you DO NOT SAY that it must be purchased from the App Store to work. That's fraud.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided
Referrer: kb:remove-multiple-apps, kb:error-connect-to-mini, kb:icloud-requires-mac-app-store


  • The IOS version needs to be bought from the iTunes App store, the Mac or Windows version can be bought directly from Agile Bits.

  • Great. So why don't they say that BEFORE I buy it? Instead of saying sync by buying their version?

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    The AgileBits purchase page says very clearly that the App Store version is needed for iCloud sync (this is a restriction by Apple, and AgileBits can do nothing about it). It seems that many people miss this even though it is not hidden away at all, it is immediately at the place where the two options (App Store and direct purchase) are given.

    Hopefully, AgileBits will soon be doing something to solve this.

    In the meantime, if you purchased no more than thirty days ago, you can get a refund from AgileBits and buy the App Store version.

    And all versions can use Dropbox sync (in addition to non-cloud sync methods). There's no technical advantage in iCloud sync, it's just a personal preference.

  • @denlaw1216:

    As a retired lawyer I'm bound to say that doesn't fit with any definition of "fraud" that I know. :)

    (By that way, I am not employed by AgileBits but am merely a volunteer here.)


  • Hi @denlaw1216,

    I have already written to you in another thread before I saw this one.

    In our store we offer a 30 day refund window. At any point you can request a refund and we'll process it which will free you up to purchase the Mac App Store version if iCloud Sync is something you deem important. We're not trying to defraud anybody so we will happily offer a refund rather than you contest credit card payments with your provider which would probably take longer anyway.

    No matter what version of 1Password is purchased they can all sync using Dropbox or if it's between a Mac and iOS device Wi-Fi Sync is also an option.

    I'm going to close this thread and should you want us to process that refund for you please let us know in the other thread and we'll do so immediately.

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