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My wife has a new computer onto which I downloaded the 1Password app. Dropbox and Agile Key set up fine, but the app now keeps saying that the trial period has expired and that I need to buy it or "add license". When I try to do the latter, I get completely confused. I still have my license, but can find no way to apply it to my wife's computer. The simpler you keep the directions, the more likely I am to be able to follow them. Step by step is good. Thanks in advance for your help.

1Password Version: Wife: 5.4.22; mine, 3.8.22
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.10.5
Sync Type: Dropbox
Referrer: kb:license-file-faq, kb:add-license, kb:license-file-faq, kb-search:how to apply original license to new computer, kb:license-requirements


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    @Scootster - You report that your license is for version 3 and your wife has installed version 5. Version 3 has not been developed since version 4 was released, and the upgrade from 3 to 4 required an upgrade payment for the new license. (Version 5 is free to registered users of version 4.) Also, the licensing process changed then. With version 3, you would have applied an alphnumeric license key. Since version 4, registration occurs by applying a license file. Instructions for doing that come in the email that acknowledges your payment.

    If your wife is using El Capitan, users have found that the accumulated OS X changes since version 3 was being developed have rendered it very hard (maybe impossible) to use. Version 3 does seem to continue to function on OS X 10.10, which your post says you are using.

    So, if your wife wants to use the same version for which you have a license, she would download a copy of the legacy version by scrolling to the bottom of the AgileBits downloads page. You will note that version 4 is what is recommended for OS X 10.10, though. Your wife would apply the same license key you have for your copy to register hers.

    Upgrading from version 3 would be a good idea, though, for both of you. You would be eligible for an upgrade discount from AgileBIts. You can see your discounted price by entering your version 3 license key in the upgrades page on the AgileBits web store.

    Finally, if you no longer can find your version 3 license key, you can have your license information resent to you by entering the email address you used to buy it in the field near the bottom of the main AgileBits support page.

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    Hi @Scootster,

    Hawkmoth's answer is spot-on - I hope it was helpful for you! If you have more questions about that or need anything else, just let us know - we're always happy to help! :)

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