Master Password - why don't they sync?

It doesn't appear that if you reset the Master Password on your 1Password on the Mac, that when you sync with your iPhone that the new Master Password carries over. Is this correct? Does anyone know if you can reset one or the other and have it sync so that they're both identical? Or was this by design that you can have two different Master Passwords for your desktop and iPhone? Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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    Welcome to the forums, Alan! Thanks for asking about this.

    Your master password does not have to be the same between 1Password for Mac/Windows and your 1Password iOS app(s). Many users like to have a less-complicated one for 1Password iOS apps because of the interaction using the much smaller virtual keyboard. Because they do not have to be the same, they are never synced from one device/platform to another.

    You can change your master password on the Mac in 1Password's Preferences on the Security pane.

    You can change your master password on your iOS device in 1Password > Settings > Security > Change Master Password.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.

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