Browser extension integration [Slowly implemented in the 1Password 6 desktop beta]

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I have recently installed the Windows 10 Beta, to try out the new Teams functionality. But i can not get it to work with any of the browser extensions that i have. They simply can not find and connect with the program.

I had the windows version 4.6.0 before - which i now tried to uninstall. But still no luck.

What am i doing wrong?

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  • LauraRLauraR

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    Hi @NIcholasbuch - Thank you for trying our new 1Password for Windows Modern app. This app is currently in beta and adds support for your 1Password Teams vaults. Unfortunately it does not currently include support for any 1Password browser extensions. We are hoping to offer these as soon as we can. You can instead use Go and Fill from within the app. Please let us know if you have any further questions at any time :)

  • Hi Laura, and thank you for your reply.
    My teams wants to migrate to your software and the new "teams" support looks like just what we are looking for. But it is kind of a dealbreaker for us that the software can communicate with the browser extensions - since we have a few people running windows machines. So this is sad to hear. Therefore i hope you will add support for this soon! :)

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    Thanks for the follow-up, @Nicolasbuch, and for letting us know how important the browser extensions are to you!

    We have high hopes for Edge, but we'll have to see what Microsoft makes possible in Windows 10.

  • @DBrown I'm not following. Why does extension support in Edge affect AgileBits ability to provide connectivity to 1Password's extensions in other browsers like IE, Firefox and Chrome? I've been testing the 1P for W10 beta for quite a while now and I honestly expected to see browser extension support a long time ago. What am I missing?

  • @caesar113 there is nothing impossible, but there are things that are just harder to achieve with Universal Windows Apps that runs on all kind of devices. Modern apps are sandboxed, they have more constraints imposed by the system. For example system do not let app to clear clipboard unless this app is in foreground. While these constraints makes our life difficult, we really love to see them - user is much better protected with modern apps. There are also differences from desktop Windows in how app is running, it can be suspended/resumed/terminated by the system at any time and everything require slightly different approach.

    With all that being said the browsers support and integration with other apps are on the to-do list.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    @caesar113, I could've put that more clearly. Sorry about the confusion.

    What I meant was that sandboxing has so far prevented us from the kind of cross-app communication that allows 1Password to do the things our browser extensions make so convenient, but that Microsoft has discussed changes in their newer Edge browser that we hope will make some or all of those handy things possible in Windows 10, eventually, but that the other browsers haven't given us as much reason for least not yet.

    In the meantime, don't forget that the new internal browser in the beta app. It can, in fact, open a web page and fill in your saved login credentials.

    Thanks for letting us know how important the browser functionality is to you. Please keep the feedback coming!

  • Just to let you know, how important browser extensions are:

    We recently tested the 1Password for Teams Windows 10 Beta in our company. Unfortunately, it didn't work out. People used the 1Password app just to copy over the information (username + password) once to their browser of choice and then pressed save to use the individual browser password storage function. This defeats obviously the whole purpose of the 1Password app. When asked, they simply told that it is way too uncomfortable to copy over the information every time you want to login somewhere, especially, if you need to do it dozens of times a day due to automatic logouts. The internal 1Password browser is no solution either, because it lags all the extensions the people are using in e.g. Chrome and Firefox. Ironically they said, they could image using it at home for private use cases, just not at work in a professional environment.

    So at the end of our 1Password for Teams test run, we had to conduct that it doesn't make sense for us to switch to it as a company, as long as there is no full browser extension support for at least Chrome and Firefox.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    Thank you for that feedback, @jplambeck!

    We definitely understand the value of browser integration, but we've been limited, so far, in our pursuit of that goal, which is why we recently added the built-in browser. This is similar to the situation in 1Password for iOS for several years, and we will continue to look for ways to loosen the restrictions on inter-app communication, in order to allow folks to use their preferred browsers while maintaining the security that motivates the "sandboxing" rules currently in effect on these mobile platforms.

    Thanks so much for your interest in 1Password, and for your patience as we expand its capabilities!

  • jplambeckjplambeck
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    We'll be keeping a close eye on your development on this matter and will happily give it another try in the future! In the end, I've personally been a customer of your Mac app for years and see great potential for 1Password coming to a professional team environment using Windows (as most companies do). So keep up the good work!

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
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    Thanks so much for your loyalty and kind comment, @jplambeck. We will! :)

  • +several for Teams browser integration into the Chrome extension on Windows 10. Discovered Teams today while cleaning up my 1Password vault. Trying it out on the family before introducing it to my company. I love it so far! The only thing that would make it better is if the Chrome extension worked on my wife's PC like it does on my Mac.

  • mohamedosmanmohamedosman 1Password Alumni

    That's great to hear @mmnielson! We want this as much as you do :). We'll be sure to keep you and everyone else posted on future developments in this area.

  • I can see that i'm not the only one waiting for this to happen. I think that the biggest issue here is that "teams" is only supported by the metro app version of 1password. Metro apps, as far as i have understood it, have limitations that makes it impossible to let it communicate correctly with the browser extensions (at least at the moment).

    So why dont you integrate teams intro the non-metro windows version of the 1password app? That would solve the issue for those companies, like mine, that rely on being able to use 1password on both windows and mac - with the browser extensions. We dont actually care if the program is running as a metro app or as a normal windows program. We just need to be able to use 1password with teams integration on both windows and mac.

  • mohamedosmanmohamedosman 1Password Alumni

    Understood @Nicolasbuch. We realize that browser extensions are critical for anyone using 1Password, and we will be looking at several different ways of implementing it. Browser extensions are definite priority for us and we will do all we can to bring them to you.

  • If it is so difficult to work with the system apps for windows, why not using just a program, like the other windows versions (the no teams versions)? I mean, I guess that it is for the whole windows enviroment; windows phone, tablets, etc... But is it really worth it?

    I really want already the extension for chrome and windows beta app, at least to continue working with 1password.

  • mohamedosmanmohamedosman 1Password Alumni

    @guille_0331, choosing the right platform is always a tricky prospect and there are definitely trade-offs with any option we choose. We felt that there were some inherent benefits to building a Windows Store app including the fact that Microsoft is pushing this platform as the future of it's apps. Believe me, I want extensions as bad as you do and we haven't given up on bringing them to you.

  • For how long do you think we'll have to wait, those who use windows and 1passwd for families? I know you can't give me an exact date, but sure you can tell me if that's gonna be less than 2 months, between 2 and 6, or more than 1 year.

    I'm just asking to see if I need to find another way to store my passwords and share it with my family or I can wait until the relase of the chrome extension.


  • mohamedosmanmohamedosman 1Password Alumni

    @guille_0331, we don't like to give specific time frames for when a particular feature will be ready, but what I can tell you is that we are working towards having this feature in the app in the future. In the meantime, we still have the in-app browser (1Browser) you can use to automatically fill your data. 1Browser isn't perfect, but it will meet the majority of the use cases many people have, I suggest you give that a shot and see how well it meets your needs.

  • mohamedosmanmohamedosman 1Password Alumni

    And you're right @dahanbn, it's far from having all the features available with browser extensions. We could certainly work on adding many of those features to 1Browser which may make it a more complete experience, but I'm sure many of us would still rather have extensions. We do really believe getting extensions for the the Beta is possible, and we want to dedicate our efforts and resources towards achieving that.

  • I know Microsoft is pushing the Windows Store and Metro apps but I can tell you the business world to whom Teams is targeted is going to be running regular Windows apps and Windows 7 for many many years to come. Most business will not touch Windows 10 for at least another 12 months.
    Obviously it is your company and you have the rights to make your decisions on which path to follow but if it was me I would be targeting to get a regular Windows app with Browser extensions working now and leave the sandboxed Metro app for down the road.

  • mohamedosmanmohamedosman 1Password Alumni

    @ivan308 you make a great point and appreciate you taking the time to make it but we haven't given up on Windows 7 and we will continue to support and enhance it. We still have lots of plans for both apps, and our goal is to one day provide a complete experience for all our Windows users.

  • steve28steve28 Junior Member

    I don't understand... Do LastPass, KeePass, etc. have this same restriction?

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @steve28,

    Which restrictions are you referring to? The sandboxing applies to all apps sold in the Windows Store, that's its core benefit. However, we're not saying sandboxing is the reason we cannot have browser extensions but it makes it more difficult and slower to implement the support around it for our UWP app. The desktop program itself requires a complete overhaul to implement Families/Teams support before the extensions can use it at all, the way Families/Team works is completely different from how the current desktop program works, which is local flat files only.

    Some other apps might be able to offer browser extension support easily because they may not need to communicate with the local app at all, they can communicate to their servers within the extension instead. This is something we'd be interested in doing as well for Teams/Families but this will be an extensive undertaking as well; we cannot reuse the current extensions because it doesn't have any capability of doing this. In the current Windows desktop program, all of this is handled by a background service, 1Password Helper, to decrypt the data files locally on the drive and communicate your data to your 1Password extensions all locally.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @marksmyth,

    I agree with you, it's not sustainable for us to keep our Windows support in the situation it is in right now and we're working on a much better path to the future where there's one consistent first-class experience for Windows that everyone deserves just like any other platforms. We'll share more news as soon as we can.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @marksmyth,

    I agree but we're not there yet. We're trying to get in touch to see if we can get early access to the Edge's extension APIs.

  • This is indeed a long awaited feature. I am a very long time customer of 1Password (coming from the Mac environment).
    I am now using the Surface Pro under Win10 as main computer and this is really painful not to be able to use some basic features such as adding a new entry in Dropbox or using the extension of a web browser.
    I have read the whole post and understand that you are working on it.
    Now another thing, you are "encouraging" the use of your new "family" server. My question is: your keychain is consequently moved to the corresponding server (away from your computer). So how can you "retrieve your data locally if the time comes when you do not want to pay the family subscription fee anymore?
    I'm curious about the answer.

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