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  • I've been a customer of 1Password since 2010. I have really appreciated all the features and highly thought out features of the software.
    Now that I've moved from iOS to android, I'm very disappointed that it doesn't have multiple vaults like my iOS version does. I've greatly appreciated wifi sync, but w/o having multiple vaults in android, I'm looking for other solutions so I can continue to control what data goes where. I'm not interested in a subscription or cloud service. It's been a great run.

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    Thanks for letting us know. While we'd prefer you use 1Password, if you depend on using multiple local vaults — a feature which 1Password for Android has never supported — then maybe it's not the best fit for you. We're focused on working on things that will benefit the most 1Password users, and frankly until we introduced memberships very few people used multiple vaults on any platform — even in 1Password for Mac, which was where we introduced that feature. If you've found a tool that better suits you, that's great. We'll keep improving 1Password, but we'd rather you use that and be happy, rather than using nothing at all and being insecure. Stay safe out there!

  • Hello,

    Can I get a response from someone at agilebits about whether this feature (multiple vaults on android) is on the roadmap at all, and if so, when is it planned for please?

    Preferably without slightly passive aggressive comments like "maybe it's not the best fit for you". It's a simple question :)

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    @harryjar: We have no current plans to add support for multiple local vaults.

  • Thank you @brenty

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    You're welcome. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but glad to answer your question. :blush:

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