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We've just started using the 1Password for teams in December and I've gathered some feedback from the UWP version of the app.

First of all I had lot of problems with the UWP app - it was not possible to edit any Login fields, only the Title appeared and the rest of the page was empty. I just tried the latest version of the app today and it finally worked and I was able to add new items in the app, great!

But here are some my comments:

  • I had really hard time finding the button for deleting invalid items in our Team Vault. I was able to find it once I read the changelog and found you added multiselect feature and when I selected the one Item I want to delete, I can do it. Expected behavior: there should be Delete button when I got any item selected and it should be easy to find.
  • When entering new Login item, the field Secure note is really narrow, only like 50px, and entering long text looks really weird. Expected behavior: the Secure note text field should be stretched to the whole block width and should automatically expand when I enter long text. It should also not wrap long text without white symbols - you should use TextWrapping="WrapWholeWords" instead of just Wrap.
  • The left menu, it's not user friendly to see either list of vaults or items inside my vault. I'd preffer combined tree view with all my vaults and items in them.
  • I created Login item in my Vault with name, password and Uri, and then I edited it, changing the Username value. But the list of logins still shows in the second line my old Username value. How to change this value? Expected behavior: it should have changed automatically once I changed the Username field.

And some comments to the Web UI:

  • when I am in my browser and go to My Profile I can see the list of my devices, but there is no information available for these entries like First/Last login or there is no option to de-authorize selected devices. I got like 4x Windows.Desktop there and 3x Windows.Mobile, no way to tell which is the most recent one. Also the list should contain more detailed information about the device like OS version and device model + manufacturer, see this guide how to find these data I made.

Anyway thanks for the UWP version. As a Windows Platform developer I really appreciate that :)

1Password Version: 2016.1.1200
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10 v11099
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
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    @martinsuchan, thank you for the feedback!

    I agree that it should be more clear how to delete an item. For consistency with 1Password on some other platforms, it'd be nice if there was a "delete" option somewhere in edit mode.

    I also agree that the Notes field is very narrow. I'm sure that's one of the many rough edges yet to be smoothed.

    I think the main issue with the left column is space, because this is a universal app: the same code needs to run on a narrow phone as on a more roomy tablet, two-in-one, or desktop PC. I'm sure we'll do more to accommodate the various screen sizes, as time allows.

    The failure to update the list with your new username is a bug; I'll make sure Dev is aware of it.

    I'll forward your comments about the web UI to the 1Password for Teams devs.

    Thanks SO MUCH for taking time to let us know what you think, @martinsuchan! You're helping us make the best 1Password possible, and we really appreciate it.

  • Hi,
    First of all thank you for supporting Windows 10 platform!
    As a user of both Mac/Windows version, I would really appreciate if you can polish the UI for the Universal App version as much as Mac version.
    Some issues that I found :

    • When opening a vault, the password textbox is extending its width as I'm typing the password. This is really a weird behavior.
    • No animation when navigating to Options, About, Help screens
    • The dark theme on my mobile is only black :( It's really too basic as UI. I would like also to be able to choose the light theme without having to change my system's theme.

    Microsoft has released Windows.UI.Composition framework which looks like CoreAnimation on iOS. It would be very nice to have these kind of animations in this useful application.

    Presention here :

    Thanks again for your UWP app :)

  • Hi Nakah,

    Thank you for taking your time out to detail these suggestions to the app's UI and for spotting the password textbox behaviour.
    We're currently in the process of creating a lot of consistencies between the Windows and the Mac versions. This includes getting the this UWP App to look and feel exactly was you would expect, without feeling like a Mac clone on Windows.

    I've noted your suggestions and will discuss with the dev team to see what we can do. :smile:

    As @DBrown said in his reply, your feedback really does help us make 1Password the best it possibly can be. We do really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

    Thanks Nakah, have a great day!

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