When will support for Form-filling be supported in Internet Explorer

When will form fill-in be supported in Internet Explorer like the other browsers? This is a real show stopper for me trying out 1Password since I need to use that browser and not allowed to use other browsers.

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  • Hi @ceg999,

    I really wish I wasn't being the bearer of bad news but there is no timeframe and it isn't in the pipeline. Internet Explorer is very different from the other browsers including the support for extensions. This is sadly why there is a difference between the functionality in IE and Safari/Firefox/Chrome. If this is a showstopper then I suppose it's best you discover this now. Obviously I wish I could have brought better news - sorry :(

  • I know that IE is quite different but LastPass works just fine on all browsers with form fill-in. I would prefer to use 1Password but it seems strange that LastPass can support this but 1Password can't.

  • Hi @ceg999,

    A colleague of mine has put a little doubt into my head and made me wonder if I misunderstood the original query at all. Our IE extension can definitely fill using Login items but currently doesn't support filling of Credit Card and Identities. My response was in the belief that you were asking about identities. Have I misunderstood?

  • I did mean identities and credit card information. LastPass has allowed this in IE for years.

  • I'm sorry to say that this feature is not available in Internet Explorer and probably won't be with the way Microsoft is treating the Internet Explorer, meaning their efforts to replace Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge in Windows 10.

    Like @littlebobbytables explained, the Internet Explorer requires a very different architecture for the add-on and we're not yet sure whether to implement the additional logic necessary to offer identity and credit card filling.

    We are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you. Please let us know if we do anything else for you.

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