Opera extension stopped filling; won't download extension

I use the 1Password 6 browser extension Version for Opera. It's been working fine (until 20 minutes ago) and suddenly it has stopped. The extension recognizes the correct web page but won't auto-fill. I tried downloading the extension thinking I might need something newer, but the download doesn't work either, from either the primary or alternate (Amazon) site. The file shows up briefly in my downloads directory on my computer and then disappears without completing the download.


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    Sorry for the trouble you're having, @glowgirl. Thanks for posting so we can help get it resolved.

    Do you happen to have the Opera Turbo feature enabled? (You can find it in the Opera menu.) If it is enabled, please turn it off temporarily and give the download another try.

    I hope that helps. Please let us know.

  • Thanks -- no I don't have Opera Turbo enabled. I finally got it to work yesterday by using the extension menu to search for a login and have it go to that site and auto-fill. After that, the rest of the sites I went to would fill properly. Still working today, but still can't download the extension for some reason!

  • Hi @glowgirl,

    So there are three key ways to fill in 1Password.

    1. open and fill from within the main 1Password window where you click on the URL.
    2. open and fill from within 1Password mini/helper (I don't know if you're running Windows or OS X). This is where you either navigate the submenus or search for the item and then select it.
    3. Filling the current page using the keyboard shortcut ⌘\ (if Mac) or ctrl + \ (if Windows).

    Now I'm currently on a Mac and I've downloaded the latest version of Opera and installed the extension. On a brand new profile everything has worked so far.

    Can I ask about the following please.

    1. What version of 1Password are you running?
    2. What version of Opera are you running?

    Hopefully we can figure out why you're not seeing the correct list of items that match the current page.

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