1Password Chrome Extension not autofilling field

Hi all,

I am trying to save a login for this page: https://login.paylocity.com/Escher/Escher_WebUI/views/login/login.aspx

The page has a "Company ID" field and a username field, in addition to the password field. When I enter in my credentials, 1Password automatically picks up the username and password, but not the Company ID. When I try using the manual save login function via the browser extension, 1Password saves the Company ID field correctly, but will NOT enter it in automatically when I return to the login page later.

Any ideas?

1Password Version:
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10 (6.2.9200)
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • Hi @fightinfilipino,

    So this was a fun one. I don't have my normal testing environment and my first attempt failed exactly as yours did. I had a good hunch that we were falling back to our second filling strategy of Fill by HTML designation but the question was why?

    If you manually fill in the page, after filling in the company and username fields the page changes to show you a personalised image. So when you save the Login item it's based on this extra part of the page. Now I haven't pinned down why this is affecting us and could very well be a bug that we need to address but the good news is I have a workaround that will allow you to create a Login item that works right now.

    1. Load the login page.
    2. Fill in just the Company Id field.
    3. Manually save a Login item, if you're not sure the steps in How to manually save a Login should help.
    4. Here is where I have to profusely apologise. I don't have access to my usual VMs, which includes Windows so the following is far more vague than I am happy about. I'd much prefer being very explicit about the next part.
    5. Edit the Login item.
    6. Alter the values for the loginName and password fields so that they accurately represent the username and password that you would normally have added before saving the Login item. You will also want to flag these as being the username and password of the item.
    7. Save.

    I did this on the Mac and all three fields properly filled. I'm confident the same should apply to Windows although normally I would only have tested this all in a Windows VM and it would have meant the instructions in step 6. would have been approximately steps 6-10 and in a lot more detail. If you need more detail that's understandable and I will do so as soon as possible.

    So after all of that, are you able to make a Login item that fills all three fields just like it does for me?

  • that worked! your instructions were on point :)

    i should've guessed it had something to do with the security image. thanks so much! i already tell friends and family about 1password, but i will continue doing so!

  • Hi @fightinfilipino,

    What makes the filling queries so interesting is that each website can bring so new why of designing a login page. Some are intriguing, some are outright frustrating but it's never boring. I'm glad we could get it working for you and now all we need to figure out is if there a way to automate this so we pick it up without the extra steps.

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