Auto login is not working

When I double-click a login from 1Password, I am taken to the site but most of the time my user name and password are not filled in. I upgraded from version 3 to 4.2 hoping that would fix the problem, but it didn't. I am on OSX 10.8 using Firefox v44

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  • Hello @rshepherd,

    In the past we've had an issue where open and fill, where when you click on the website field inside of a Login item causes 1Password to open the site and then fill, did break in the latest versions of the 1Password Browser Extension and 1Password 4 for Mac. I mistakenly believed we'd fixed this but it turns out it's fixed in Safari and Chrome only - not Firefox. So our extension in Firefox is recognising that the URL opened was passed in by 1Password as it's altering the URL to remove some very 1Password specific stuff but then it's failing to follow through like it does in Safari and Chrome.

    As you're running OS X 10.8 AKA Mountain Lion, you're now running the latest version of 1Password that is available to you. I know the pain of switching browsers so I'm not considering that an option given for the most part Firefox and our extension work so I'm wondering if I might suggest an alternative workflow that might help here.

    There are two ways of having 1Password open and fill a page for you. One is to click on the website field of the Login item as you've been doing. As you know this isn't working as intended in Firefox (in contrast to Safari and Chrome). The other way of interacting with 1Password and your browser is either to click on the 1Password Extension icon in Firefox or the keyboard shortcut ⌥⌘\. This will bring up the 1Password mini menu. If you start typing it will instantly start searching your vault for matching items and display them right below the search bar next to the title Open Login. If you select an item from this list it should open a new tab, load the URL stored in the website field and then actually fill using the Login item. Both ways appear to be doing the same thing (or should be) but they do it differently and this difference is how one can appear broken while the other works.

    Could this be an acceptable workaround for now?

    Everything above assumes you're running the latest version of our 1Password 4 Firefox Extension which is currently at version 4.5.3. This page, How to find which version of the 1Password extension is installed will show you how to check and see what version you are running.

    I hope something helps but if not please do let us know.

  • Yes, that is an acceptable workaround for me until I update my system or change the browser. That's better than I had before updating. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Hi @rshepherd,

    We'll look into why it is working for two out of the three major browsers that we support too though. Ideally we can fix whatever is broken in the Firefox version of our extension so all three work! Until then at least you have a workaround that can help :smile:

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