Vaults per project scenario

Hey, thank you for wonderful product and we are happy to use it for our business!

We are software development company and have several project work in progress with related credentials/passwords/etc.

It will be great to have some scenario inside 1Password for Team which will allow to create Vaults for set of different people (managers probably). Currently only Administrators could create new Vaults. We can't add all managers to Administrators list b/c they will get access to all Vaults then.

Any ideas how to implement required workflow?


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  • JacobJacob

    Team Member

    Hey @timurv! No problem at all. Glad our app has been of help in your business. :) Teams may have the capability you're looking for in the future. It would likely be something related to groups, which have permissions you can specify, rather than just having owners, recovery members, and team members with preset permissions. Is that something you'd be interested in?

  • Hey, thank you for your reply! Do you have any milestone when user groups will be released?

  • robrob Agile Customer Care

    Team Member

    Hi, @timurv. We don't have a timeframe for that, I'm sorry. It's on the list, but we have a few more pressing things to take care of first.

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