Purchased 1 Password - on computer (have issues - not resolved) put on my android - says was trial

I purchased 1Password for computer - then put it on my phone. Says it is a free trial and is now out of time. Thought my purchase was for phone and computer. Having issues with the computer 1password that's another issue though. I need the one on my phone to work as it is not loading on my computer.

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    Hello @LanaBerryman, and welcome to our forums!

    I see Mike has responded to your other thread in the Windows forum. Mike is a great guy and I'm sure will help you find a solution to your issue there.

    As for Android and your license, there are two ways to purchase 1Password. One is to purchase a one-time license for each platform that you can use with current version for as long as you want. Upgrades are often free but not always; we tend to have paid upgrades every few years.

    This first option is the one you have followed and it's a perfectly fine option. You can then purchase the Android premium features if you wish, but you should have full read access to all your items without it. You can learn more about the Premium features here:


    The other way to purchase 1Password is via a subscription that allows you to install 1Password on as many devices as you want. You can read more about this in this week's announcement post here:


    Please note the 1Password subscription approach supports all platforms but is currently limited to Windows 10. We're working on bringing support to earlier versions but I thought I should mention this before you make the jump :)

    I hope that helps. Take care,


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