Where does a newly invited person get their master password?

Where does a newly confirmed team member get their master password? The web sign in screen that appears from following the link in the confirmation email is all pre-filled in with email, account key and master password. But there's no way to reveal what this master password is on that page nor can the user view or change it once they are logged in. The only place to change the master password is from the desktop app but that's only after connecting the desktop app to the teams account which requires the master password. Chicken and egg. I'm sure this is obvious but it's beyond me. Thanks for the help.

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  • JacobJacob

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    Greetings (different entrance this time) @Scott Weatherhogge,

    That's a very good question. When you invite someone, they click the "Join your team" button in the email, which opens a webpage where they're guided through the signup process for their account. During that time, they're given an Account Key and asked to create a Master Password. We provide a generator to make things easy, or they can use their own mind if they'd like to and we'll let them know how the strength of things is. There should be a nice Show button when they're on that page. If there isn't, please let us know. Here's a screenshot when I tried things:

    Of course, if they generate a password, they can't change what is generated.

    The only place to change the master password is from the desktop app but that's only after connecting the desktop app to the teams account which requires the master password.

    That's true. The thing is, if they typed their Master Password in the first place, they can change it. If they generated it, they can modify things later on in the apps. Hopefully that's not too confusing. We're hoping to add the ability to change it in the web interface soon. Hopefully this helps sort things out in the meantime. :)

  • Thanks for answering all my questions. The screen you show above is exactly what I would expect to see somewhere along the way. But that's just it - we never saw anything like this. From the confirmation email (the "join your team" button) it went to the web interface where everything was already pre-filled, we hit the sign in button, and it just went right to her account. The key was already set and no mention of a master password. So, I'm really confused because she got into her account but we have no idea what the password is (but clearly there is some password, the one that is prefilled in the sign in form, that is allowing us to get in). I'm tempted to just delete her and try inviting her again.

  • JacobJacob

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    @Scott Weatherhogge It almost sounds like your browser may be autofilling things. The Account Key should already be set since it's generated by the server and not something you set up, but the Master Password should be something you can create first, and choose to have generated if you want. You can invite a test member if you'd like rather than inviting her again. Let us know how that goes.

  • Oh man, I just figured out what happened. I'm a complete dunce. My wife had already stepped through the entire process (she said it was easy) and, of course, had created a master password. I thought she hadn't so nothing made sense. So sorry to take all your time. You guys are great.

  • JacobJacob

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    @Scott Weatherhogge Aha! That will do it. :wink: If you notice any other silliness, please feel free to report it. We're always happy to help.

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