Am i missing search in all fields

Using desktop version and it searches the term in all field. Very nice thing

BUT in android it searches, only in title. Is this bug or this feature is not available in android.

If bug then please explain how to solve it and if limitation then please add this feature to make 1 passwords perfect from 99% to 100%

Requirement for this feature is I have lots of login for same website. It would be easy to search in login id or sometimes in notes also.

Using latest version of 1pw on android as of 21-02-2016

1Password Version: 6.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    Hello @jitus856,

    Thanks for asking. This is has been a subject of much discussion over the last few weeks :)

    When searching on Android we only search within title and primary URL. We do a similar thing on iOS as we want to avoid decrypting the entire item for performance reasons. What would be nice to have is a button that allows you to extend the search to all fields, and this is something we're hoping to add in the future.

    With that said, you did indeed find a bug. In theory we should also be searching a field that we call "Additional Information", and this field normally contains the username. This field along with the title and primary URL is stored in something we call the Item's Overview, and it's this subset of information that we decrypt for showing list views and searching. I just tested and this additional information field is not being included in the search results, which is a bug. We will try to get that fixed up.

    Once that bug is fixed it should work perfectly within your workflow.

    Thanks again, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to get from 99% perfection to 100% :)


  • Thank you dave for prompt reply.

    Will wait for the update :)

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    You're welcome, @jitus856!

    I'm looking forward to the update as well :)

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