Moving Login item with attachment to Teams vault caused attachment to be converted to a Document

Saw an issue today while moving a Login item containing an image attachment from my non-Teams vault to the new Teams vault. I was expecting the login item to be moved, but for some reason it also extracted the image into a standalone Document item in the Teams vault, too.

  • Picked a login item with an image attachment from non-Teams vault
  • Right-clicked item, chose 'Share' menu > 1Password Teams vault > 'Move'
  • After moving to the new vault, the login item still had the attachment, but the attachment itself now also appears in the list as a standalone Document item

See screenshots.

1Password Version: 6.0.2 (602004)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided


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    Hello, @stmontgomery! :) I am sure someone from AgileBits will have much greater insights than I can on this issue, but it appears that this is by design.

    The old 1Password attachments are being converted into Documents as part of the transition to the new Teams model, which are linked to the entry that originally contained them. You might be interested in this thread on the topic.

    My own experience only covers Software Licenses and Secure Notes with attachments but I believe Logins would behave similarly.

  • JacobJacob

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    Hey @stmontgomery! That is indeed by design, as @francoisjoseph pointed out. Attachments are being converted to Documents because the structure of Teams is a bit different than the 1Password databases we've had before and we get a chance to optimize things a bit more with them separate. The good news is things are linked still, so it shouldn't affect usability too much. The thread francoisjoseph linked to has some great discussion on Documents that you may enjoy as well. Hope that helps! :)

  • stmontgomerystmontgomery Junior Member

    Thanks for confirming it is intentional.

    This was confusing behavior coming from a pre-Teams user like myself. Perhaps the app should show a UI prompt or alert the first time this happens, to inform the user that their attachment will be extracted into a standalone Document item. And a "Dont show this again" checkbox to suppress the alert in the future.

    At least that way, users would be less likely to be surprised by the new behavior.

  • JacobJacob

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    @stmontgomery That's a good idea, and something I'm sure would make the migration a bit smoother. I'll forward your feedback to our developers for consideration. :) Thanks so much!

    ref: OPM-3805

  • So I've been seeing this, too, and because others had gone before, understood what was happening. Here's a new wrinkle.

    1. Login item with an attached image in my Dropbox-sync'd vault
    2. Moved item to a Family "To-Triage" vault
    3. Observe Login and Document in the "To-Triage" vault
    4. Observe that the Document is still "linked" to the Login, such that clicking on the Imported Attachment under Related Items in the Login entry takes me to the document.

    Now, if I were to move the Login from the Family "To-Triage" vault to, say, the Family "Personal" vault:

    • Would the linked Document move over there, too?
    • Or would the Login in Personal link to the document in To-Triage?
    • Or would the link be broken?
    • If broken, and I then moved the document from To-Triage to Personal, would the link automatically re-establish?
    • If not automatic, is there something I can do "manually" to re-link the two?
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    @RonHeiby Those are some great questions. Here's what happens when you move the item again once it's in a Teams or Families vault, to another vault:

    Would the linked Document move over there, too?

    No, it will be removed and the Related Items section will show (deleted item).

    Or would the Login in Personal link to the document in To-Triage?

    This also wouldn't happen. If you only move the item that has other items linked to it, the linked Documents would stay behind and they would be unlinked. If you move them together, they would still be unlinked.

    If not automatic, is there something I can do "manually" to re-link the two?

    Yes. Just edit the item that you want to link something to and click Link Existing under the Related Items section. Select the Document and you're all set. :)

    All this being said, there's some stuff we need to improve here. I'll forward some notes about it to the development team. Thanks again for noticing.

  • Pretty cool. One nit on the re-linking portion. When I did this, I was presented with a lot of things to which I could link, so I started typing the first few characters of the thing, and was presented with what looked like 3 copies of the Login, 3 copies of the attachment, and 1 copy of the new Password I'd just set.

    1. Should I be able to link to things other than documents?
    2. Should I be offered the ability to link to things in other vaults, perhaps in the Trash in those other vaults?
  • JacobJacob

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    @RonHeiby Ah, you can indeed link all item types actually. Linking doesn't work across vaults, though. You're limited to the vault you're currently viewing.

  • Interesting. I'll need to think about the value of linking something other than a document. Do you have any examples of when that might be useful?

    Seems like a bug to present items from other vaults in the selection choice for linking, if they don't work.

  • JacobJacob

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    @RonHeiby Well, item linking is for identifying related items. So if you have a Login item for an email and also have an Email Account item for that with the server information, you can link the two and see a relationship between them whenever you visit one. I personally don't use them for anything other than Documents though.

    Seems like a bug to present items from other vaults in the selection choice for linking, if they don't work.

    That would be a bug. I can't reproduce it on my end, so are you sure that's what you're seeing? You should only be able to link to items that are in the vault you're viewing.

  • Well, I don't know whether it would actually let me perform the link. What I saw was a plethora of link choices when I had all vaults selected. I posted a screen capture of one instance of this, above. When I tried the same link with just the one vault selected, I saw just the couple of link choices that were in the current vault.

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    @RonHeiby Well I should have tested in All Vaults, shouldn't I? ;) I just did and it seems you've found a bug here. That's no good at all! I'll forward this to our development team so we can eliminate future confusion. In case you're curious, when you try to link an item to a different vault from All Vaults, it just shows up as (deleted item). Thank you so much for keeping this discussion going and mentioning this.

    ref: OPM-4010

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