Can both me and my spouse use a Mac and Windows single license bundle - Mac for me, PC for him?

I'd like to buy a license for me and my spouse. The complication is that I use a Mac and he uses a PC. If I buy a Mac and Windows bundle, can we both use it - me on Mac and him on PC (with different passwords!) ?

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  • @hes1003 - You have posted in the section of the forum for 1Password for Families, a recently released new product. If you want to subscribe to this service, it includes licenses for all platforms as part of the monthly fee. It has some very attractive features for families who what to share some or all of their data. I'm not up-to-date on the status of the Windows application for use with Families, so if this is your aim, please await a follow up post from someone else about that.

    However, it you are asking about the standalone licenses for the two platforms, the Mac-Windows bundle indeed will serve your needs exactly as you describe them. Each of you will be able to use 1Password independently of the other. You'll also be able to share vaults with each other if you use Dropbox for syncing. 1Password is licensed on a per user and per platform basis, but the individual licenses may be shared among as many as six family members in the same household. I mention this only to let you know that your bundle will also handle both of you if either adds a machine of the other platform, Mac or Windows.

  • AleenAleen 1Password Alumni

    Hi @hes1003,

    Hawkmoth's correct on all counts! The only gap to fill is regarding 1Password Families for Windows :)

    If you're interested in trying out 1Password Families, we currently have a beta app available for Windows 10, which you an get from the Windows Store. 1Password Families is currently unavailable on older versions of Windows, but we're working on something for the folks who need it.

    Please let us know if you have questions!

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