1 password stating that program was purchased using the App Store on another computer

Starting receiving pop up box stating that the program was purchased on another computer, need to sign in using Apple ID, it does not work. I purchased the program on the computer using it. Signed in and out of app store, restarted computer, everything. If someone could reach out, really appreciate it.

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    Hi @kmichaeltaylor ,

    Apple had an issue a couple of weeks ago with this very same problem. What I suggest is deleting the application (don't worry, your data is stored elsewhere), and then going to the App Store, clicking on the Purchased tab, and downloading it from the list again. As long as you are signed into the app store with the same AppleID as you used to buy it, you should see a "Download" button and not a "Buy" button, so you won't be charged again.

    Please let us know if you need further assistance.


  • thanks! could not get into the app store, contacted apple, they had me restart my computer holding down the "command P R", nothing happened here, restarted the computer and was able to sign on with no problems. I dont get it, but its resolved. Mike

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    Hi @kmichaeltaylor,

    Thanks for following up to let us know how you resolved that App Store issue. Glad to hear all is well again! :)

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