I purchased 1pass. already and it is saying trial over. Cannot figure out how/where to put my licen

Maybe because of a new laptop, 1 password does not have my license (previously purchased). I do not understand how/where to add it from the prompts given so far.

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  • Greetings @dbfact,

    I see from our records that you have purchased a licence for 1Password 3 for Mac back in 2013. Now anybody who purchased 1Password 3 for Mac at any point during 2013 was upgraded to a 1Password 4 for Mac licence when we released it later that year as a gesture to those that had only recently purchased 1Password for Mac. 1Password 5 and 6 were both free updates to anybody who had a valid 1Password 4 for Mac licence so basically what I can assure you of is that you have a valid licence no matter what version of 1Password you're trying to run.

    If you have a new MacBook then at a guess you're probably running El Capitan AKA OS X 10.11 and we would strongly recommend running 1Password 6 for Mac if that is the case. Hopefully this is what you're trying to do and if so the following should help.

    Here is a link to our page, How do I add my license to 1Password? After I post this message I'm also going to resend you your licence which should include a link to download your licence file. In 1Password 3 for Mac we used a licence key which you could copy and paste from the email into 1Password 3 for Mac but since 1Password 4 for Mac we've used a licence file that you download and that is registered by 1Password for Mac.

    This should hopefully get you going but should you have any troubles at all please do let us know :smile:

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