Unable to autsubmit site login credentials

Any thoughts on why I can't get an auto submit login to work on this site using Safari? Auto submit works correctly with both Chrome and Firefox, and it would be nice if it worked with Safari too as it's my browser of choice.

Using: Lion, Safari 5.1, 1Password v. 3.7.1.BETA-1 (build 31085) with Safari extension beta 3.7b4.


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    We just made some huge updates to the autosubmit code. :-)

    Could you please try the new Beta release (3.7.1.BETA-2) and see if it fixes this problem? You can do this by going to the 1Password > Preferences window, selecting the Update panel, enable the "Include Beta versions" checkbox, and then click Check Now. Once the update is installed, try again and see if it helps. (Also be sure you are using at least version 3.7.b7 of the Safari extension.)

  • Thanks for responding. I'm having no success auto submitting my login credentials to the site using the latest Beta and Extension either. However i only visit the site about once a week/fortnight, so having to click an occasional login button is no big deal. :P
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    Well, we certainly think it is a big enough deal, and we will try to get it working properly in an update. :-)

    Thanks for reporting this. I am able to reproduce the problem on that specific site and have passed this along to the developers.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.
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