Save login "where did it go?” [It’s back in 3.7b9]


just updated to 1P app 3.7.1 beta 1 and Safari extension 3.7b4

and where is the option to "save login" in the window in Safari

It used to be there even if the site had a login entry !

where do I find it now



  • bswinsbswins Agile Customer Care
    Hello Gilles9,

    The save login button was removed from the latest extension. Currently, the "autosave" setting in the extension is the method for asking 1P to save a login.

    However, we are looking to add back the separate save button functionality soon.


  • mnorthammnortham Junior Member
    Please, please, please add this function (the SAVE LOGIN button on the Safari popup) back - it's infuriating to have to manually cut & paste URLs, usernames and passwords because the auto-save function DOES NOT WORK on MANY websites, leaving no way to add a new login other than to manually open 1Password and manually add a new one. a HUGE hassle.

    Honestly, before ripping out functionality and hoping that people either won't mind or won't notice, please think twice. 1Password is (was?) an integral part of our workflow, and rather than improving things the new Safari 5.1 plugin has taken what used to be a very smooth running program and turned it into an unstable time-waster that performs unpredictably under Safari and has become a major hassle.

    Mark Northam
    Film Music Magazine
    Los Angeles, CA
  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Gilles9 wrote:
    Hi Gilles9,

    Thanks for updating the thread with the link. We have added the ‘save login’ back in the latest version, 3.7b9 for the extension. It should be the ‘+’ button on top right when you press the 1Password button.

    I’m closing this thread since it has been added. If you have more comments, please direct them here.
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