Double Click

from 1Password app
MAC OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)
Safari 5.1
1Password 3.7.0

From 1Password app, prior to the recent change after Safari went to 5.1, the way I used to always login to my sites was a double click of the icon in the title column. One click there brings up the info in the right pane, a double click used to do that and then bring it up in Safari and log me in.

Now the double click does not do that. E.g., on it brought me to a secure login site on Newegg, but not the normal one instead one with an extra "type this picture" security feature on it.

I never used the command\ shortcut previously. Now that I know it's there, I may try to get used to that.

But I want my double click to work!


  • bswinsbswins Agile Customer Care

    Hello threesofar and welcome to the Forums!

    I'm sorry that you've encountered this behavior, but you are not alone.

    While running Snow Leopard and Safari 5.1, there is a known issue regarding launching a saved login from within the 1Password application. Go & Fill from outside of the browser (1Password application, dock menu) opens the site in a new tab/window but does not fill or submit.

    We are investigating the problem, but I do not have any information regarding a solution at this time. In the interim, please continue to use the cmd-\ shortcut as you have been.


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