How to "Save Login" in Safari Extension 3.7.b.5? [Fixed in 3.7b7]

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Has the ability to "manually" save a login (the equivalent to Save Login in the old 1Password Safari plug-in) not part of the Safari Extension?

I could be overlooking something (I hope), but I can't find any way to save a login from within the 3.7b5 Safari Extension.

And I don't like to use auto-save.

Besides, I've tried enabling auto-save, but I can't get it to work for the page for which I'm trying to save a login.

I'm running Safari 5.1, OS X 10.7 Lion, 1Password 3.7.0, and 1Password Safari Extension 3.7.b.5.

I can't find any instructions that tell me how to save a login.

This is nuts.

Note: I first posted this in error to the Snow Leopard and Lion forum. My mistake. It belongs in the Mac Browser Extension forum.


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    Snow Leopard
    Safari 5.1
    Extension 1Password (beta) 3.7.b7
    1Password 3.7.0

    The 'Save Login' option is not there - ??
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    Since not everyone want to enable Auto Save function.

    Like me, sometimes my friend will use my Mac, and I definitely don't want to save their password or bother them by that pop-up alert.

    So I lean to use manual save mechanism.

    However since latest update, I can't find any place to do that.
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    Hi guys,

    I’m sorry about this. We did have the save login function but it had to be taken out for a short while when we did the new design. It was put back in 3.7b7, and we made more improvements to the ‘save login’ in 3.7b10. Please update the extension now in Safari and you’ll get the ‘Save Login’ now like in this screenshot:

    I hope that helps.
  • Perfect! Thank you.
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    Cheers! :-D
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