what do you do with your old "Primary" vault once you have moved to the cloud?

Just moved to 1Password for Teams. what do I do with my Primary vault now that I have moved all items to my "personal" vault in 1Password for teams?

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  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @gdgadmin,

    Thanks so much for giving 1Password for Teams a try! I hope you're loving it so far.

    It is not (yet) possible to use 1Password for Mac in Teams-only mode, but it's something our developers are working on implementing. In the meantime, you can customize All Vaults to ignore the primary vault. You'll still unlock using the primary vault's Master Password, but you will only see your Teams data. All Vaults can be customized in 1Password's Preferences > All Vaults.

    I hope this helps!


    Whoops, apparently I'm working with old information. Turns out, you can make use of Teams only mode. At this time, it is only available through the first run experience, which means you'll need to start over with an empty vault. When you open 1Password for the first time, you'll be given the option to sign in with your 1Password account, or start with a personal vault.

    Our team is looking into ways to make this simpler in the future, but if you're really keen on getting rid of that primary vault now, those steps should help you make it so.

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    I'm sorry that we don't yet have a way to automate this process. I think we've figured out to do this (assuming my back-of-napkin type notes hold up), and I'm hoping that we can build this feature into an update for 1Password for Mac in the not too distant future.


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