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  • faceface Member

    I'm in the same boat but franly don't think that this thread shows a solution.
    I add a file pdf in 1Password for Mac.
    I delete the original file from my Mac.
    Next time i'd like to view this file (securely saved into 1P) it's downloaded on my mac and it's located in a folder named
    com.agilebits.attachments.noindex / subfolder
    This folder seems to disappear when close 1Password: the file saved into Mac is securely deleted or stay there ?

  • ag_kevinag_kevin Junior Member

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    Hi @face,

    That folder is the location of decrypted attachments. This is the intended behaviour: if you open an attachment when 1Password is unlocked, the files inside can be viewed, but when 1Password is locked, that folder and the attachments inside it are deleted and can no longer be viewed. Spotlight will not index the content of folders with the ".noindex" extension so the content will not be saved inside the spotlight index.

    I hope that addresses your concern. If it does not, please reply.


  • faceface Member

    Hi @ag_kevin thanks for the reply.

    Just wonder: if the files are deleted on exit of 1P WHY when i reopen it i find the file (in 1P) with the string downloaded (on Mac) (while the others i've not previously downloaded are still with the string "Click to download") ?
    I've to assume that once downloaded they're still somewhere on Mac and not deleted ?

    In 1P there's also the string in quick look: delete file locally ...

    I'm really confused ...

  • nathanvfnathanvf 1Password Alumni

    Hey there @face,

    That's a good question, Documents are designed in a particular way in 1Password for Teams and Families.

    Essentially the files are kept separately on the server from your items, and are not downloaded from the server until they are requested. This is different from your items which are all pulled down from sync all the time. It was done this way because documents can be very large and we don't want to automatically take that much memory on your computer.

    So, if you open a document item, it will initially say "Download & View" because to view it we need to download an encrypted file from the server and then decrypt it to the folder you mentioned.

    Once it is downloaded it will stay in a different folder in your 1Password Application Support folder so it doesn't need to be downloaded anymore, it just needs to be decrypted when you wish to view it. I'm not sure what version of 1Password you are using, but we originally just decrypted and displayed Documents when you open them if they are already downloaded. We changed that recently to have it so we do not decrypt the Document until you click on "View" or "View and Download".

    As for the decrypted files that you mention, the will be deleted when 1Password either locks or quits. Since they can be sensitive or secure information.

    I hope that explains what you are seeing.

  • brentybrenty

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    Don't mind me. I just wanted to split off this discussion since it involves the 1Password for Teams/Families Documents feature, which isn't related to the old attachments discussion (as Nathan mentioned, these work very differently). Be sure to let us know if you have any other questions! :)

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