Do I need to buy a new license if I reinstall?

Nope! :-)
I have lost 1password completely from my hard drive after upgrading to Lion. Previously had no problems with it on snow leopard. Thus cannot find it to do upgrade. Do I have to re purchase?


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    You license key is always valid for the same version your purchased. That is, your 1Password 3 license key grants you the right to install (or reinstall) 1Password 3 on as many Macs as you can afford as long as you are the only user. Forever. :-)

    If you were using Dropbox to sync 1Password, you should be able to simply install Dropbox, wait for it to sync everything, and then install 1Password. 1Password will detect your data in the Dropbox folder and prompt you to use it.

    If you were not using Dropbox, you can restore your data from a backup if you have one. (I hope you do!)

    If you need any help restoring your data, please let me know what sort of backup you have (i.e. Time Machine, SuperDuper!, Carbon Copy Cloner, CrashPlan, etc.).

    I would be happy to help!
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