Can I link to a specific password?

We have client information in our own ticketing system. I would like to embed a link to that client's password information. Or at least a search for that client's name. Are there static URLs to a password item (note, login, etc.)?

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  • JacobJacob

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    Hi @Pieter_ICONS! That's a great question. You can indeed link to items in Teams. Just open the item in the web interface and copy that link. You can send the link to another member of the account, and once they sign in to their account (and they have access to the vault the item is in) they can access it.

    That being said, people usually share vaults with their members in Teams. That way, when someone signs in to their account, they can browse the vaults, or search them all with the All Vaults view. All you need to do is grant them access to that vault. :)

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