Build 83 Release Notes

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Wow, Build 83, and the last announced release was Build 77. So either we've been doing an awful lot without announcing it or we are really horrible at counting. Let's go with the former shall we. :)

We have actually been spending our time over the last week completing billing for 1Password Families. There is quite a lot of work there from the subscription pricing itself, to the billing UI pages and, of course, making sure that we can give early family adopters the Special Launch Special! You should be seeing an announcement coming out soon with more information.

We did manage to make one other nice improvement today, improving the quests so they are better suited towards both Teams or Families.

Here is what is new in Build 83:

  • [IMPROVED] Improved the wording in the sidebar of the home page to be clearer and better suited for both teams and families.

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