Have 1P 4 on old Mac. How can I use my license for 1P 6?

Presently have 1Password 4 on an old iMac, and cannot update further. Just bought a new iMac and want to install 1Password 6 on it with a clean install. I will not be bringing any applications over from the old computer, so how do I get 1Password 6 on the new computer using my original 1Password license? What steps do I need to take? Is there any additional cost involved?


  • Stephen_CStephen_C
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    @flashman the upgrade from 1P4 to 1P6 is free. Simply download 1P6 from the place you originally downloaded 1P4 (the Mac App Store or the AgileBits store) and install it. (Of course, if you're installing from the Mac App Store you'll need to be using the same Apple ID as you used when you originally bought 1Password from the Mac App Store.)

    This excerpt from the user guide will help you get your existing 1Password data over to the new installation:

    Use existing 1Password data on a new computer

    Edit: if you're using the AgileBits store version of 1Password you'll need to copy over your old licence file so that you can use it to licence the new installation.


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    Stephen is exactly right, Let us know if you need any further help getting setup, we're here to help!

    Rudy Richter
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