how do I add submit buttons to a 1P entry so that two-page logins work without my mouse?

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two examples... both bank sites.

Part A:
at when I enter my 1P username, the focus (in the login input field by default) is no longer on the form element after invoking 1P, and auto-submit does not work, and I have to go to my mouse to find my cursor and manually click the login button. unfortunately, the tab index order for that site goes back to 10+ other nav links before getting back to the input field to allow hitting enter to submit the form. on the subsequent page, the focus remains, though auto-submit does work there... and I'm into my account.

Part B:
at, focus also leaves the field but is the first item in the tab index so while auto-submit does not work here either, a simple tab and then return does the trick. on the subsequent page, the auto-submit does work.

so for both, the first page submission does not work at all. I have made separate logins for other sites, for example, and, but I don't think that's the issue here as those sites both leave the username field in focus so the return key advances me with each step. I think what I need is a way to make sure the login submit buttons are captured to allow them to be part of the auto-submit portion of the 1P login, perhaps? any suggestions?

and btw, I know I'm a bit behind on my updates here at work, but legacy software hasn't allowed me to update osx yet. I primarily use chrome both here and at home, and the scenarios are the same regardless of 1P version, perhaps because they're sharing the same vaults via dropbox sync?


1Password Version: 4.4.3 (here) / 6.2.1 (home)
Extension Version: (beta) (here) / 6? (home)
OS Version: 10.9.5 (here) / 10.10.5 (home)
Sync Type: dropbox
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  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @JeremyBechtold,

    Well, it’s not possible to add ‘submit’ buttons to your 1Password entries, but I think I can help you out.

    For, when you save a Login for the first page, it looks like 1Password is capturing some extra information in the web form details that is causing the focus to shift from the filled in field. If you remove this information, focus will remain on the ID field so that you can press ‘Enter’ to move on to the second page:

    For, I created a new Login and 1Password filled and moved focus to the Login button, so all I had to do was hit ‘Enter’ to move to the next screen.

    That being said, I have noticed one case of my own where 1Password is no longer submitting the first page of a form where it used to be able to, so I’ll mention this to our extension team to see if there’s anything we need to investigate further.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  • excellent feedback, thanks! I'll try this tomorrow. I did try saving a new 1P login item, but that didn't seem to work, but it's probably because I didn't know what to look for in order to fix it. I'll give this a shot in the morning!

  • Greetings @JeremyBechtold,

    It's possibly going to sound odd but we intentionally don't want 1Password to try and submit when it's just a username. There are some sites where this could be annoying but the reason behind it is 1Password doesn't have a way of explicitly stating a site uses a multi-page login approach and it never has. Instead what we do is we do our best to fill in the page but we also need to remain aware of the possibility that this was an accidental filling and that 1Password shouldn't submit. Again, that might sound odd but a lot of how filling works is educated guessing because there are very few real standards out there that websites need to follow. The only way to approach this is to create several rules of thumb that cover most sites and use these generalisations to fill. They can get it wrong though and that's part of what we spend our time doing, constantly working on improving properly recognising elements on the page and what to fill and what not to.

    So as a safety measure if we just fill the username we don't want to submit but we do want to improve matters as there are pages where focus isn't left on the right field after filling. If we're going to ask the user to submit after filling the least we can do is allow them to tap the enter key.

    So the behaviour you should be able to observe is if a page contains both a username and password field and you ask 1Password to submit after filling it should. If you come across a site that doesn't do this please do let us know. If a site has a multi-page login then what we really want to happen is when 1Password fills just the username we will leave focus on the username field and then on the password page you should find 1Password submits as they key part for us is the password field. If we're filling a password field we're pretty confident that it's filling properly. We do need to do work in this area.

    At some point in the future maybe we can do something even more intelligent with multi-page login sites as they are an annoyance. I hope something in the description helps and if you have questions please do ask.

  • actually, that's perfect. I prefer not auto-submitting, as long as focus is left in one of the fields that allows the return key to submit the form, whether it's one page or two. I followed the suggestion from @Megan above and it works like a charm. I have re-created the 1P item several times in trying to get this figured out on my own, but never knew that the remember me form item would mess things up. once I knew to remove that, it kept focus in the to username field and works perfectly for me.

  • one thing I am still curious about, and this might be because I'm on v4.x here on this 10.9 mac, is why am I not seeing ALL the form details at once? when I created the new 1P entry, and clicked show web form details, I only got the two items as shown above in Megan's screen capture... but when I removed the save_user_id item, only then did the password field show up for me. if memory serves, even a few years/versions ago I could see any/all form fields saved with an entry. I'll have to compare with home where I have v6.x on 10.10, but still curious if that was intentional or just something that got caught in this particular version. honestly, it probably doesn’t matter, except that it might have made troubleshooting this one myself a bit easier. many times I've dug into those web form items in the past and created duplicates because some site have a set of user/pass in the header, and then also have the same thing under a different html element id on a handful of varied login pages (I believe stack exchange's sites are one of those I recall having to tweak, perhaps ebay, and maybe or in any case, I miss the ability to create a single entry with multiple username and/or password web form items so that a single entry could handle all parts of the site from where I might try to login. I swear it used to be that there were plus signs to add web form items and not just the minus signs to remove extras. and with that, why was I only able to see two items at a time when I created the new pnc item? perhaps it wasn't even plus signs, but just that you'd tab from the previous and it would create a new one? is one of those for sure, as I just tested it with a new entry...

    if you go to the homepage and click on any item in the list of new add-ons, for example, you'll be taken to a page detailing the features of that item. near the top right of the content section you can add ratings and add items to your favorites or personal bookmarks, both require you to login which takes you to ... but when you arrive there, 1P will not enter items into those fields—I assume because they are named differently than those which were originally used to create the 1P entry. in the past, I'd just inspect the elements and add duplicate form items to match those alt element ids. BUT, and this might be more an inetrface issue with this site rather than a 1P issue, when I go to the top and click the login button there to show their login fields, my info was already placed in the fields when I invoked 1P with ⌘-\ I just couldn't see it because it was hidden by their interface. now that I know it's there, I just hit enter again too and it submits. but for someone not so familiar with how to make 1P work for them, this might be very confusing on sites like this.

    again, I'll try to remember to test this at home on v6/osx10.10, but since I recall editing it in the past manually, I assume it might be a feature removed for some other purpose?

  • Greetings @JeremyBechtold,

    It might take a reply or two to get to the bottom of what you're seeing but let's give it a shot :smile:

    The first thing I did was create a test Login item for PNC. As I don't have an account with them my test item only includes a username. I see how without any editing we're dumbly focusing on the dropdown menu. We should do better here. If I edit the Login item and remove even just one field from the web form details it places focus on the username field which is much better. What I don't have happen though is any more fields become visible.

    Now the test item I created only has a username and if I were to manually add a password to this Login item it would create a new field in the web form details titled username and point to the visible copy. It would also be indicated by the silhouette of a key in the web form details section. Is it this that you might be seeing? If it isn't then it might be a behaviour only in 1Password 4 and I'll go check that out as it has been a while since I've looked at how it differs.

    Now you will see different behaviour in how 1Password 4 and 6 fill. In version 5.3 of 1Password for Mac we made a big switch and changed how we fill. The new filling logic is constantly being worked on but was essentially a ground-up effort to rethink how we fill over the various platforms. The goal here is the filling logic is in 1Password, not the extension and that it behaves the same over the various platforms. I don't know a lot, internally, about how filling used to work in 1Password 4 but what I can say is at the moment we're quite strict about when we use the full web form details section so the ability to add a field won't be recognised and used in 1Password 6 for Mac. We're mulling some things over though as there are certain sets of pages where we want to do better and that our current approach makes tough. It's always a balance though, we want to improve filling without accidentally causing 1Password to fill in places we don't want it to or that the user doesn't expect us to. So it's a case of cautious steps.

    As for weird sites, yes there are certainly a few. What I've learnt about HTML and web pages is while HTML may be a standard how it can be used leads to a massive variety and some simply crazy designs, like fields you need us to fill so filling works yet they may not be visible or fake password fields, fields that are only password fields if you click on them and the list goes on. I agree, certain sites and how 1Password works them (or doesn't) can be confusing and we appreciate when they're brought to our attention so we can try and do something about them.

    I'm not sure how much anything I've written here helps so please do say and we can keep conversing on the topic :smile:

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    Thanks @littlebobbytables,

    Actually, I think the PNC thing is solved from my response (three comments up) where once I knew from Megan's feedback to remove that extra web form item, I was fine.

    The follow-up was more specific to the web form items on sites like the example I provided, in ... but, I think it's probably best to let me get this system updated before we waste any more time/resources on a 1P version two full releases past, on an OSX version that is the same...

    My main concern at this point is whether it's just my 1Pv4.x that is limiting my view of the web form details, or if I'm missing something that has gone away since 1Pv3.x (the last time I recall having access to many more web form details, from which I upgraded less than a year ago on this computer, having gone from an old 17" MBP still running 10.6.8 when it died to this iMac running 10.9).

    If the ability to see/edit multiple web form items has gone away permanently (or my memory has flaked on how I used to use it), then I'll just have to adjust my process internally. I love how 1P support (you great folks) work with me (us users) on a site-specific basis from time to time, but if this is something that has gone away and is something to which I'll need to adapt, then there's nothing else to be done on your end (until I can update and confirm on 10.11.x and 1Pv6.x) apart from perhaps consider it a feature request to look into whether the ability to manually add web form items can be brought back.

    Being that it's a hidden set of fields to which you must actively seek access, I'd consider it a minor "power user" feature, and so might be one that would be worth bringing back if it has indeed gone away. I could see how the ability to edit those items might confuse 1P and try to submit two forms on one page, and perhaps that's why it went away, but that's the part I think makes sense to keep in open discussion. The PNC part, I consider resolved thanks to Megan's feedback. For now, let's keep the discussion open, but it might be a few days/weeks before my work schedule allows me the time to update the OS without concern for losing time under a deadline should something not be right. In other words, let's keep communication on it open, but don't consider it a support priority until I can get things updated here. However, for the PNC part, it might be worth adding a page to the KB (perhaps an addendum to this one: or even linking to a dedicated KB page for just this particular fix, using Megan's screen capture above in the example process) as I bet I'm not the only person who suffered this fate on that site and similar ones. Heck, not knowing that second web form item was affecting things initially was key to me not solving it on my own (or at least thinking to try that fix). It's those little bits that make all the difference in the forums, and promoting that one to a KB article would be great.

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Thanks for clarifying, @JeremyBechtold!

    Starting with version 4, 1Password was completely re-written from the ground up, so it works very differently from 1Password 3. If what you're seeing in the web form details of your Login items is a bit different in version 4 (or higher) than what you remember seeing in version 3, I think that's probably why.

    Now, there have also been many changes since version 4 (for example, we've re-added the ability to manually add web form details to Login items). If you think there's a problem with the web form details in 1Password 4, you might want to compare that with 1Password 6 to see if there's any difference. I suspect you're just used to the way things worked in 1Password 3, but if you think there's a problem with something in 1Password 6, please let us know and we'll be happy to look into it.

    In general, you shouldn't need to worry about the web form details in your Login items. What really matters is whether or not 1Password is filling your login credentials correctly on a given website. As you've discovered, there are some sites out there which do things a bit differently and it might take a little tweaking to get a Login item to work correctly, but that shouldn't happen too often.

    Of course, if you do run into a problem using 1Password on another site, don't hesitate to let us know. We're here for you! :)

  • absolutely! thanks.

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