Experiencing slow unlock issues with 1Password 6? Please read this.

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Hi everyone,

Some of you have been experiencing issues where 1Password (particularly mini) has been slow to unlock in some situations since the updates to 1Password 6. We've been tracking this problem for months now, and progress has been really slow on our our (my) end, trying to figure out what's going on.

What I've come to realize is that this is actually two separate problems that have effectively the same symptom: when unlocking 1Password mini, the app can hang for 5, 10, 15, sometimes even 20 to 30 seconds before it becomes responsive again. This is obviously unacceptable.

Let's go over the two problems and where we stand with them.

Problem 1 : Blocked Animation

This is the variation that far more users have been experiencing. I'd say 95% of users whose Diagnostics Reports I've looked at fit in this category. You can confirm whether you're a part of this of this group really easily : completely quit both 1Password and 1Password mini (a reboot is one way to guarantee both are relaunched), relaunch it, then unlock via mini. Is it speedy? If so this is the problem you're hitting. Users affected by this variation of the problem tend to see the problem come back 4-5 days later again.

Workarounds :

  1. If you're in a position to update to the betas, enable betas under Preferences > Updates. Update to the latest beta, and the issue should hopefully be resolved as of 6.3.BETA-13.
  2. If you're unable/unwilling to use betas, then your best bet is to restart 1Password and 1Password mini every few days until 1Password 6.3 is out which will hopefully have this fixed up.

If you believe that you're in this group of users and have updated to 6.3.BETA-13 or later, and are still experiencing the issue, please send us a Diagnostics Report to [email protected] right after you hit the slow unlock.

Problem 2 : Slow Database Access

This is the less common of the two... affecting maybe 5% of people I've seen that have been affected by either. You can confirm whether you're in this group by relaunching 1Password and 1Password mini. Is it still slow to unlock? Is it also slow to unlock from the main app?

Workarounds :

None that I feel confident in providing at this time.

We now know what's causing the database to be slow in this case. My hope is that one of us can dive in and take this slow thing and make it significantly faster, as well as smarter about when it runs so that even if it needs to be (relatively) slow once it won't make every unlock slow.

Thanks for everyone's patience with this. This has been one of the trickier bugs I've seen. I'm very much so looking forward to being able to put it all behind us.


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