I have 1Password Version 3.8.22 (build 32010). What do I need to get the extension up and running on

I bought 1Password in 2012. Google Chrome just required me to get a new extension. Do I need a new account? If so,How do I get my passwords over to new account?

1Password Version: Version 3.8.22 (build 32010)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided
Referrer: forum-search:I have 1 PasswordVersion 3.8.22 (build 32010). What do I need to get the extension up and running on Google Crome?


  • MeganMegan 1Password Alumni

    Hi @austinhillshaw,

    Since we’re talking about 1Password 3 here, I’ve moved your post into the Legacy section of our forum, just to keep things organized. I hope you don’t mind!

    Now, with 1Password 3, you’ll need to be using the appropriate extension. The extension that is compatible with 1Password 3 can be found here.

    However, if you are keeping your operating system and browsers up to date with the latest versions, you might start to see some compatibility issues with 1Password 3. You can read about these issues here. If possible, we recommend updating to the latest version of 1Password, which was designed to take advantage of the new tools available in the latest operating system. There are a ton of great new additions to the app, and as an existing user, you get a pretty sweet discount on a new license. You can upgrade by entering your license information on our upgrade page.

    I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. :)

  • Hi Megan,

    I went to the upgrage page, entered my licence, but nothing happened. It said that no upgrades were available. How can I transfer my data to a new, updated account that works with the existing platforms?

  • MeganMegan 1Password Alumni

    Hi @austinhillshaw,

    Hmm, that’s odd. I took a look in our back office records but was unable to find any license information for the email address that you have listed in your forum profile. Could you email in to [email protected] with your full name and the email address that you used to purchase 1Password? We’ll be better able to explain your options once we track down your existing license details. :)

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    Here's my license [removed by admin]. The email address may be [removed by admin].

    Thank you for your help!!!

  • MeganMegan 1Password Alumni

    Hi @austinhillshaw,

    I removed your license and email information from your post since this is a public forum and you likely don’t want to be sharing your license with strangers, or getting unsolicited email.

    It looks like your license is up to date for the current version of 1Password (which would explain why you’re not being offered any upgrades from our site). If you’re using OS X 10.9 or later, you can upgrade from version 3 to 1Password 6. To make the transition easier, I’m resending your license details to the email address we have on file (for yahoo.com). You’ll see a link in the email that says ‘click to apply your 1Password license’, and clicking that should take care of the licensing details once you’re all installed.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. :)

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  • Thank you Megan! I think everything is up and running now, thanks to you! Cheers, A

  • MeganMegan 1Password Alumni

    Hi @austinhillshaw,

    I’m so glad to hear that - thanks so much for posting to let me know!

    I hope that 1Password behaves perfectly for you from now on, but if you have any other questions or concerns, we're here for you! :)

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