Multiple Problems with v3.8.22 on El Capitan

Not sure exactly when the problems began, but when attempting to add a new login manually through the app itself I am unable to see what I'm typing when I click on any of the fields. When I click out of them I can see the default text but when I click into it I get a blank field, even though I'm able to enter text, I am unable to see it until I click out of the field.

In the Safari extension, I'm unable to manually enter new logins at all because the "+" button is unresponsive - though I am prompted to save a login when I create a new one on a page. Further, the "Password History" is entirely non-funtional.

1Password Version: 3.8.22
Extension Version: 3.9.20
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hi @mattmoretti1,

    Because we’re talking about 1Password 3 here, I’ve moved your post to our Legacy forum.

    It’s true, 1Password 3 is starting to show its age just a little in El Capitan. Some of the issues that you will notice are outlined in this post.

    Please let me know if you have any questions after reading the post. :)

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    That's disappointing, so the license I purchased in 2011 ceased any meaningful support within two years and total relegation within three? If Agile is now on v6, that means there is a new version released yearly, and that I would not have access to unless I purchase a whole new license each year?

    As much as I love 1P, that makes me very hesitant to bother paying for v6 if 1P's model is simply releasing new software and leaving long-time users out in the cold with no support unless they choose to purchase the latest version.

  • Also I've been occasionally prompted to upgrade to v4 through the app for some sort of discount. I also entered my license for the "Upgrade Price" online - does that mean I only receive a discount on v4, receive a (different) outdated version, and have to pay full freight to upgrade to v6?

  • Hi @mattmoretti1,

    I apologize for the frustration here.

    We never want to make users feel like they’ve been left out in the cold. We are more than happy to continue to support 1Password 3 as long as you choose to use it. However, while we can help you work around existing issues with the latest OS, we can’t maintain multiple versions of the app. As operating systems change, new features are added, and new ways of doing things are introduced. Keeping an older app working in these changing conditions can be a bit overwhelming from a development perspective. We made the choice in 1Password 4 to completely re-write the app from the ground up. This allowed us to take advantage of some of the great new tools available in the newer OS, and to add some awesome new features to the app. But it does mean that 1Password 3 ceased to receive updates after version 4 was released.

    It’s true, we have been updating 1Password on a roughly yearly basis (usually coinciding with Apple’s operating system updates in the fall). But the only paid upgrade since 1Password 3 was version 4. 1Password 5 and 1Password 6 were both free upgrades for all 1Password 4 users. In addition to that, 1Password 3 has continued to function quite well over the years, and we’ve had many users quite content to continue using it. It’s only now, in El Capitan where the app is really starting to show its age.

    We think you’ll love the experience of using 1Password 6 in El Capitan, and as an existing user, you are entitled to a loyalty discount on a new license. You can enter your existing license details on our upgrade page to see your options.

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